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10 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Garurumon From Digimon

Garurumon is an Animal Digimon. Take a look below for 10 awesome and interesting facts about Garurumon from Digimon.

1. It is covered in blue, white, and silver-colored fur as hard as “Mithril”, which is called a legendary rare metal, and since the blades growing from the tips of its shoulders have sharp edges, anything that touches them is cut to pieces.

2. As it possesses a furious combat instinct and sinews honed in freezing lands, as well as carnivore-like agility and the accuracy to reliably bring down its targets, it is a being feared by other Digimon.

3. However, its intelligence is very high, and it faithfully obeys those who it recognizes as its master or leader.

4. Garurumon is a giant beast resembling a wolf (Canis lupus) with light blue fur, a white underside, dark blue tiger stripes, magenta claws, dark blue-tipped blades, and a very curly tail.

5. Garurumon digivolves from Gabumon with a Digi-Egg to WereGarurumon in lines 9 and 15 and from Agumon without to WereGarurumon in line 24.

6. The Garurumon card, titled “PF DP Plus IV”, is a Rank 3 card which increases a Digimon’s DP by 100.

7. Several Garurumon appear within the Fusion Fighters army in Mikey Kudo’s dream.

8. When Dorulumon shows up, his appearance causes Mikey to remember the dream.

9. Garurumon is friends with Wizardmon and the two went on a magical quest together. With the quest finished, Wizardmon, who used to live in the City, wants to return, but wants Garurumon to go with it, however it cannot seem to contact Garurumon, so asks the Hero to find Garurumon and tell it to join the City. When the Hero finds Garurumon in the Palace of Thorns it realises that a magic stone it had been carrying caused it to not be able to contact Wizardmon. Garurumon disposes of the stone and then joins the City, and Wizardmon joins as well after learning this. Garurumon joins the central plaza and gives 200 bits when first spoken to, though after that just comments on how much it enjoys running around the City.

10. Garurumon digivolves from Elecmon, Gabumon, and Renamon and can digivolve to Zudomon, DoruGreymon, Panjyamon, WereGarurumon, and Kimeramon.

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