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21 Strange And Terrifying Facts About Rosie Alfaro

Maria del Rosio “Rosie” Alfaro was born on October 12, 1971, in California, United States. She’s an American murder who was convicted of the 1990 murder of 9 year old Autumn Wallace in Anaheim, California. She’s currently on California’s death row. Take a look below for 21 more strange and terrifying facts about Rosie Alfaro….

25 Interesting And Terrifying Facts About Theresa Knorr

Theresa Jimmie Francine Knorr is an American woman who was convicted for torturing and murdering 2 of her 6 children while using the others to facilitate and cover up her crimes. She’s currently serving 2 consecutive life sentences at the California Institution for Women in Chino, California. Take a look below for 25 more interesting…

27 Frightening And Bizarre Facts About Winnie Ruth Judd

Winnie Ruth Judd was a Phoenix, Arizona medical secretary that was accused of murdering her friend, Agnes Anne LeRoi and Hedvig Samuelson in October, 1931. The murder was allegedly over the affections of Jack Halloran, who was a prominent Phoenix businessman. The murder was discovered when Judd tried to transport the victims bodies, one of…