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9 Fun And Amazing Facts About Aegiochusmon Green From Digimon

Aegiochusmon Green is a God Man Digimon. Take a look below for 9 fun and amazing facts about Aegiochusmon Green from Digimon.

1. It synthesized the abilities of various species, with a human body as the base.

2. The synthesis of species is said to be the result of having sought the extreme called omnipotence, and adapts it to its surroundings, dramatically altering its appearance.

3. This form is composed of data taken from the Plant-tribe, so the data of the Plant-tribe sleeping within its body establishes itself as an upper body and arms, centered upon the crystal in its chest.

4. Because it is based on the Plant-tribe, its weight is especially light compared to the other forms.

5. It is able to fire sturdy thorns from the Busters equipped to both of its arms, and perform tricky movements that hook its thorns in various places similar to Rope Action, or perform others that are used for offense and defense.

6. Its keen movements which capitalize on its equipment and agility can definitely be said to be this form’s greatest distinction.

7. Aegiochusmon Green is a plant-based variation of Aegiochusmon, colored green due to its association with the Nature-species in Digimon Heroes!.

8. It has goat horns and cloven feet similar to the goat, as befitting of Jupiter’s association with goats.

9. Aegiochusmon Green digivolves from Aegiomon and can digivolve to Jupitermon.

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