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8 Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Dolphmon From Digimon

Dolphmon is a Sea Animal Digimon. Take a look below for 8 interesting and fascinating facts about Dolphmon from Digimon.

1. A unique signal that originated within software for researching communication between different kinds of groups changed into Dolphmon, a Digimon with a unique existence.

2. Due to its habitat being limited to the sea, it became able to move about the sea at high speeds.

3. As expected from its appearance, it possesses advanced intelligence, but its form of thought is too complex for a normal person to understand.

4. Although it is a species that doesn’t like useless battles, it won’t go easy against an opponent that comes and challenges it.

5. A bunch of Dolphmon helped Ikkakumon, MegaSeadramon, Cody and Submarimon protect a Destiny Stone under the sea from BlackWarGreymon. However their attacks couldn’t harm the powerful Mega Digimon. BlackWarGreymon then used an attack to part the sea, sending the Digimon flying away and unable to intervene.

6. Something that might be Dolphmon was among the shadowed Digimon that wanted Rika to tame one of them. A silhouette of one appeared on Henry’s computer.

7. In the first Japanese ending and the United States opening for the anime, Takuya Kanbara, Neemon, and Bokomon ride three Dolphmon.

8. Dolphmon DigiFuses from Penguinmon and Gomamon and can DigiFuse to Whamon with Ikkakumon.

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