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7 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Chaosdromon From Digimon

Chaosdromon is a Machine Digimon. Take a look below for 7 fascinating and amazing facts about Chaosdromon from Digimon.

1. It is said that Machinedramon, who was built by combining the parts of many Cyborg-species Digimon, demonstrated abilities beyond imagination, and that the experiment succeeded.

2. Adding enhancements to further improve that Machinedramon made it Chaosdromon, who possesses a deep crimson Metal Body.

3. Its body, which is made of “Red Digizoid” that was repurified from the virtual super-metal Chrome Digizoid and increased just its hardness, deflects every attack and destroys everything.

4. Also, the version of the program that was set in its DigiCore automatically performs improvements to make it even more destructive.

5. Chaosdromon is also the Digimon that the leader of the Crack Team primarily employs as its agent.

6. Chaosdramon is an Electric Virus Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 20 memory. It digivolves from Machinedramon. Its special attacks are Hyper Infinty Cannon and Destroyed Hook and its support skill is Back Water Camp which increases damage given by 20% but also increases damage received by 20%.

7. A Chaosdramon was “given” a Digital Point by some Spiral, however they also “gave” it to a group of SkullMeramon as well, and so they argue over it. After Chaosdramon mocks the SkullMeramon for being weak they attack it, and Chaosdramon shrugs off their attacks and kills them. Chaosdramon is then suddenly attacked by DoruGreymon, however Chaosdramon easily defeats it, though before it can kill DoruGreymon, it runs away with its partner, Takumi Hiiragi. Later, Takumi and DoruGreymon return only this time they’re not alone as they brought the Protagonist, Filmon, Michi Shinjo, Gatomon, Keito Tamada, GrapLeomon, Mayu Kohinata, and Chirinmon as back up. DoruGreymon attacks Chaosdramon on its own, and once again its attacks do nothing, though this time it’s able to withstand Chaosdramon’s attack. As Chaosdramon readies its second attack Filmon runs in the way of it to protect DoruGreymon and after taking the blow is overcome by a dark aura, demanding more power so that it can protect Takumi and DoruGreymon. Filmon digivolves to Stefilmon, followed by Chirinmon and GrapLeomon teaming with Stefilmon – which pisses off Takumi as he prefers to be taken out by the Chaosdramon on his own. Mayu and Michi lecture Takumi, telling him that he isn’t on his own and that his friends are here to help him and Takumi eventually realises that they’re right, and that he was being too arrogant – always thinking he could do everything on his own. He decides to actually work together with the rest of the group and this new found resolve from Takumi causes DoruGreymon to digivolve to Gaiomon. As Chaosdramon and Gaiomon fight, Gaiomon feels the power of the bonds with its friends and states that Chaosdramon cannot defeat the group, and so Chaosdramon decides to kill the Tamers to lower the numbers – however Gaiomon kills it before it is able to do so, and as Chaosdramon dies it states it will be back one day to get revenge.

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