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30 Fun And Amazing Facts About Ribombee From Pokemon

Ribombee is a dual-type Bug/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Cutiefly starting at level 25. Take a look below for 30 fun and amazing facts about Ribombee.

1. Ribombee is a tiny, insectoid Pokemon with a large head, slightly smaller body, and thin arms and legs.

2. It is covered in fluffy, yellow hair with a white face, lower body, and a tuft of hair on its back.

3. It has big eyes with a one white and one brown square speck in the center. 

4. Over its eyes are white hairs similar to eyelashes, and it has two black antennae.

5. Around its neck is a brown scarf with a needle-like projection on the front.

6. Two wings nearly as large as its body sprout from its back.

7. The wings are white with three brown loop designs near the base.

8. Its four thin limbs have bulbous hands or feet.

9. Ribombee uses its fluffy hair to hold pollen it collects from flowers. 

10. Rain turns its hair dirty and its pollen damp, so it only visits fields if the weather will remain clear. 

11. When storms are in the horizon, Ribombee hide in tree hollows and wait stock-still.

12. The pollen and nectar its collects is used to form balls called “Pollen Puffs”. 

13. These balls can be used as food or relieve tiredness with a soothing effect.

14. The Alolan people sell Pollen Puffs as valuable nutritious supplements.

15. Pollen Puffs can also be used to attack with paralysis or dizziness, such as during Ribombee’s signature move, also called Pollen Puff.

16. No other Pokémon has the same type or Egg Group combination as Ribombee and its pre-evolution.

17. Ribombee appears to be based on a bee fly. It may also be based on fairies and sprites. Its “pollen puffs” may draw inspiration from fairy dust, a magical dust thought to be used by fairies.

18. Ribombee may be a combination of ribbon, Bombyliidae, and bee. It may also involve rimbombante, the Spanish word for flamboyant.

19. A Ribombee appeared in The Shape of Love to Come!, under the ownership of Mina. It is her partner Pokémon, and as a result, Mina can understand the emotions Ribombee senses. Rimbombee reappeared in Battle Royal 151! and The Battlefield of Truth and Love!.

20. Multiple Ribombee debuted in Partner Promises!, where they were among the Pokémon that Ash and Pikachu saw on Treasure Island. They reappeared in Alola, Alola!, when Ash revisited the island alongside his classmates and Misty.

21. A Ribombee appeared in A Dream Encounter! in a video advertising Aether Paradise. It reappeared in Deceiving Appearances!. Three additional Ribombee appeared in a video in Mission: Total Recall!. Three of these Rimbombee appeared again in Don’t Ignore the Small Stufful!.

22. Multiple Ribombee appeared in Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!, with one appearing in the present day. In the past, they gave Lana and Mallow pollen puff each. In the present day, Jessie, after hearing that story, found a Ribombee and demanded one, only to receive a defensive purple puff.

23. A Trainer’s Ribombee appeared in I Choose Paradise!, where it was among the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Paradise Resort.

24. Multiple Ribombee appeared in Battling the Beast Within! as residents of the post-apocalyptic Ultra Ruin. One appeared during the present day and the rest appeared in a flashback.

25. A Ribombee appeared in the Poké Problem segment of SM114, where it was used as a test subject for Faba to test out his own invention.

26. A Ribombee appeared in A Recipe for Success! as one of the customers at Oranguru’s place.

27. Two Ribombee appeared in A Timeless Encounter!.

28. A Ribombee appeared in the Poké Problem segment of SM145, where it flew past Lillie causing Snowy to chase it after it and Magearna to trip when it tried to do the same.

29. Multiple Ribombee appeared in Mind-Boggling Dynamax!, where they were among the Pokémon seen in the Wild Area.

30. A Ribombee will appear in M23.

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