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27 Fun And Fascinating Facts About The Nice Guys Movie

The Nice Guys is a 2016 American action movie directed by Shane Black and written by Black and Anthony Bagarozzi. The movie stars Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Margaret Qualley, Keith David and Kim Basinger. Take a look below for 27 more fun and fascinating facts about The Nice Guys.

1. Set in 1977 Los Angeles, the movie focuses on a private investigator and a tough enforcer who team up to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl.

2. The movie received positive reviews from critics and grossed $62 million against its $50 million budget.

3. The project was initially proposed as a television series but was re-tooled as a movie after the pilot seemed to be going nowhere.

4. One of the movie’s nods to The Rockford Files is the yellow pages ad for Holland March’s detective agency. It’s almost a complete copy of the ad used for Jim Rockford. Like Jim Rockford, March keeps his gun in a cookie jar.

5. During March’s opening monologue about the downturn of society, a porno theater in the background is playing “Bang Bang Kiss Kiss,” a play on Shane Black’s earlier movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

6. The porn star Misty Mountains is named after one of the movie’s production companies.

7. The movie opens with the mid 1970s Warner Brothers logo.

8. Similarly to the studio’s marketing campaign for Inherent Vice, Warner Brothers released a 1970s style trailer, complete with Betamax artifacts, an optical soundtrack audio crackle, and an “introducing” credit for Kim Basinger.

9. Principal talents Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling were both child actors who dropped out of high school to pursue their careers, and never had formal training in acting.

10. In the elevator scene, the same music plays in the background as in the elevator scene in The Blues Brothers. The song is called “The Girl From Ipanema.”

11. At the beginning, when Jackson Healy is learning a new word, equanimity, while feeding his fish and reciting it to himself to memorize it, the scene is exactly like a scene from the Asia-American movie Better Luck Tomorrow; even the word is the same.

12. The dialogue between the bartender and the detectives, “He’ll stop doing it. Do what,” is the same line from Iron Man 3 when Rhodie and Tony interrogated Mandarin. Both movies were directed by Shane Black.

13. A guest at the porno producer’s party who is dressed up like Pinocchio says, “It’s not my nose that grows.” “It’s not his nose that grows,” was the tagline for the 1971 Pinocchio movie.

14. Jack Kilmer is the son of Val Kilmer. Shane Black directed Val Kilmer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

15. The party scene at Sid Shattuck’s place is actually the Atlanta home of Hip-Hop producer Dallas Austin. The home was also featured on MTV Cribs.

16. The toast which ends the movie, “To the birds!”, is delivered by two men with bird-based surnames: Crowe and Gosling.

17. The character John Boy has the same mole as his namesake on The Waltons.

18. Downtown Atlanta doubled for 1970s Los Angeles during filming. Prop cars were given California plates and a car was painted to resemble a 1970s era Los Angeles cab, “Hollywood Taxi Co.”

19. When Healey is fighting the older guy at Sid’s house party, Healey delivers a punch combination exactly like the combination Maximus uses on Commodus in Gladiator. Both Healey and Maximus are played by Russell Crowe.

20. Jackson Healy’s car is a 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado.

21. The red Mustang with the white convertible top is a 1967 with a 289 and factory A/C.

22. If you look closely in the background of the traffic scene, you can spot the black van that hit “Blue Face” and it’s driven by Shane Black in a classic Hitchcockian cameo.

23. The Nice Guys is the second movie that Jack Kilmer and Margaret Qualley have done together. The first one was Palo Alto.

24. The Nice Guys reunited Keith David and Russell Crowe, who previously appeared together in The Quick and the Dead.

25. The body of Sid Shattuck is “played” by Robert Downey Jr., who’s wearing a fake beard, in an uncredited cameo.

26. The take with Ryan Gosling sitting against the tree next to the body of Sid Shattuck is an homage to Lou Costello, who specialized in long takes where something, such as the Mummy or Frankenstein’s monster, scared him so badly he couldn’t make a sound, but eventually managed to yell his partner’s name.

27. When Jackson, Holland and Holly are in a cab surrounded by traffic after the big shot against John Boy at Holland’s house, the black van that hit “Blue Face” can be seen next to the cab also stuck in traffic.

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