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26 Fun And Interesting Facts About Arcanine From Pokemon

Arcanine is a Fire type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Growlithe when exposed to a Fire Stone. Take a look below for 26 fun and interesting facts about Arcanine.

1. Arcanine is a quadruped, canine Pokemon with an orange pelt marked by jagged black stripes.

2. It has diamond-shaped ears with beige insides, black eyes, a round, black nose, and two pointed teeth protruding from its upper jaw.

3. Its head, muzzle, and chest are covered in shaggy, beige fur, except for two oval sections around each eye and ear.

4. Long tufts of fur grow behind its elbows and around its ankles. 

5. Its underside is black, and it has a billowing, beige tail that is bent in the middle.

6. Each paw has three toes and a round, pink pad.

7. Arcanine is a fiercely brave and loyal Pokémon.

8. It is capable of running 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) in 24 hours with a speed and grace reminiscent of flight.

9. Additionally, the move Extreme Speed was its signature move in the past.

10. Arcanine has long been admired for its beauty and speed, and anyone who hears its bark will grovel before it.

11. The source of its power is a flame blazing wildly inside its body.

12. Being the result of an evolution via evolutionary stone, Arcanine is rarely found in the wild, but when found, it is usually seen living in prairies, and Pokémon Snap has also shown it living in active volcanoes.

13. In the anime, it was shown that it stashes food in its mane and carries it to its nest for its young.

14. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Arcanine was originally known as Blaze.

15. Despite the Pokémon category name, Arcanine is not an actual Legendary Pokémon. It is the only Pokémon species to have “Legendary Pokémon” as the Pokémon category.

16. However, Arcanine was seen in an engraving along with Legendary birds Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos in Pokémon Emergency!.

17. Many of Arcanine’s Pokédex entries—starting with the one in the Japanese Pokémon Red—reference the real world, specifically China.

18. Arcanine is based on the Ryukyuan shisa, or komainu, mythical creatures inspired by lions, tigers, and dogs.

19. Statues of them in pairs are used as guardians that invite good spirits and repel evil ones.

20. It could also be based on the Xiezhi, a mythical fire-eating dog with similarities to lions and tigers.

21. Arcanine is a combination of arcane and canine.

22. Gary has an Arcanine that was first seen in The Battle of the Badge, where it faced off against Giovanni in a Gym battle. Gary later used Arcanine to help him in the Extreme Pokémon Race in Extreme Pokémon!, during which it competed against Ash’s Bayleef.

23. Ash battled an Arcanine in Fire and Ice. This Arcanine was under the ownership of Pete Pebbleman and was his final Pokémon. Despite the type disadvantage, Pete’s Arcanine easily defeated Kingler by dodging its Bubble attack and using Dragon Rage. Pikachu managed to defeat the Arcanine with a Thunderbolt attack after its Fire Blast melted the Ice Field.

24. Three Arcanine appeared in The Stolen Stones, one under the ownership of Keegan and two belonging to his sister Ramona. Keegan’s Arcanine was nicknamed Arcky. The Fire-type Pokémon were used to deliver some Fire Stones that were meant to be used as prizes for a local Fire Pokémon tournament. Keegan and Ramona later used their Arcanine to save Ash, Misty, and Brock from falling off a cliff.

25. In On Cloud Arcanine, Drew and May wanted to capture an Arcanine for use in a Pokémon Contest. When it was discovered that the Pokémon had a litter of Growlithe puppies to take care of, the two rivals decided to leave Arcanine alone.

26. In Tactics Theatrics!!, Tucker used the “Fiery Fleet-Footed” Arcanine along with a Swampert to battle Ash and his Swellow and Corphish at the Battle Dome. Both Tucker’s Pokémon were eventually defeated after a hard-fought battle.

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