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25 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Clefairy From Pokemon

Clefairy is a Fairy type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. Prior to Generation VI, it was a Normal type Pokemon. It evolves from Cleffa when leveled up with high friendship and evolves into Clefable when exposed to a Moon Stone. Take a look below for 25 fascinating and interesting facts about Clefairy.

1. Clefairy is a bipedal, pink Pokemon with a chubby, vaguely star-shaped body.

2. A small, pointed tooth protrudes from the upper left corner of its mouth.

3. It has wrinkles beside its black, oval eyes, a single dark pink oval marking on each cheek, and large, pointed ears with brown tips.

4. A tuft of fur curls over its forehead, much like its large, upward-curling tail.

5. Each stocky arm has two small claws and a thumb on each hand and both feet have a single toenail.

6. There is a pair of tiny, butterfly-shaped wings on its back.

7. Though incapable of flight, Clefairy’s wings can store moonlight and allow it to float.

8. Clefairy is very shy and rarely shows itself to humans.

9. On the rare occasions it does come down from its mountain home, it can be seen dancing under the light of the full moon.

10. The area surrounding their dance in enveloped in a magnetic field.

11. Once the sun starts to rise, it returns home where it sleeps nestled with other Clefairy.

12. The anime has shown that Clefairy is actually an extraterrestrial Pokémon.

13. The prototype name for Clefairy was Aria. In the Russian dub of the anime, this Pokémon was actually called that (original series).

14. Clefairy and its evolution share their category with Snubbull and Granbull. They are all known as the Fairy Pokemon.

15. Clefairy was originally going to be the official mascot of Pokémon, but Pikachu was used instead due to the popularity of the anime and Pikachu’s familiarity with fans.

16. In the original pilot episode of the anime, Clefairy was intended to be Ash’s starting Pokémon. Due to a last minute change, the role went to Pikachu. This would have made the anime closer to the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga, which would later be referenced in Lights, Camerupt, Action!, where its main character, Red, along with his Clefairy starred in a film that Ash and Gary were watching when they were younger.

17. The Poké Doll is an item based on Clefairy.

18. Clefairy is the first Fairy-type Pokémon in National Pokédex order.

19. Clefairy was designed by Ken Sugimori.

20. Clefairy seems to be based on a fairy, being a magical, somewhat humanoid, winged creature, thus lending credit to its name.

21. Clefairy is a combination of clef (French for [musical] key) and fairy.

22. A group of Clefairy were stealing things from a small Kanto town to repair their spaceship during Clefairy Tales. Jigglypuff beat up the Clefairy leader for stealing its microphone marker. These Clefairy made another appearance in Wish Upon a Star Shape when their spacecraft crashed in the Johto region.

23. Lusamine’s Clefairy appeared in a fantasy in A Dream Encounter!, where she evolved into a Clefable. She reappeared during flashbacks in Mission: Total Recall!, where she was seen playing with Lillie. She reappeared again in another flashback in Rescuing the Unwilling!.

24. Multiple Clefairy debuted in Clefairy and the Moon Stone, where some of them evolved into Clefable after touching the Moon Stone.

25. A Clefairy appeared in A Goldenrod Opportunity, under the ownership of Whitney. Commonly seen outside of its Poké Ball, it was used to send Team Rocket flying, and later in Whitney’s Gym battle against Ash. However, the Fairy Pokémon had to be recalled when its Metronome failed against Cyndaquil.

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