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24 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Baltoy From Pokemon

Baltoy is a dual type Ground and Psychic Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Claydol starting at level 36. Take a look below for 24 fascinating and interesting facts about Baltoy.

1. Baltoy is a small Pokemon that resembles a tan figuring made out of clay or mud.

2. There are arching, red markings over its eyes, which usually appear closed.

3. A red stripe encircles its body, and forms a ring on its belly. 

4. It has flat appendages that resemble arms. 

5. A spike protrudes from the top of its head and another, smaller spike under its body.

6. It moves by spinning on this single, pointed foot, and balance upright on it to sleep.

7. Baltoy is usually found in ruins and old graveyards, where it congregates with its own kind and cries noisily.

8. Old cave wall paintings depict it living with people in ancient times.

9. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Baltoy and its evolution.

10. Despite the fact that Baltoy is a genderless Pokémon, it is male in PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure.

11. Baltoy has the lowest base Attack of all Ground-type Pokémon.

12. Baltoy may be considered a counterpart of Gulpin. Baltoy is exclusive to Pokémon HeartGold, while Gulpin is exclusive to Pokémon SoulSilver, with both Pokémon found during a Pokémon outbreak in the same locations in their respective versions. Additionally, both can be snagged as Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon XD at the Cipher Lab, with both Pokémon having the same Shadow move, Shadow Blitz.

13. Baltoy is based on a top with the design of a Shakōki-dogū—a “spaceman” clay figurine from the Jōmon period of Japanese history. It also seems to resemble Hopi Kachina figures.

14. Baltoy may be a combination of balance and toy.

15. Baltoy debuted in Me, Myself and Time, under the ownership of Calista. It was first seen spinning around and heading off a cliff, being saved by Pikachu‘s Quick Attack. Later, it helped its future self by removing the rocks that were crushing it. It then used Rapid Spin in the middle of a wheel of drawings to reveal the true identity of a mysterious woman, who was actually a future Calista.

16. In It’s Still Rocket Roll to Me!, Tate and Liza were using the Confusion created by four Baltoy to recreate weightlessness during a Pokémon battle, even though their main Pokémon already possessed the ability to float in midair. Later, these Clay Doll Pokémon stopped Team Rocket from stealing a rocket ship with Tate and Max in tow.

17. Four Baltoy appeared in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, under the ownership of Damos. In the original timeline set up by the movie, they were used by Damos, who was under Hypnosis, to attack Arceus with Shock Wave. When Ash and his friends traveled to the past to prevent this, Marcus, the one responsible for hypnotizing Damos, managed to use the Baltoy again to attack Arceus.

18. A Baltoy appeared in Bucking the Treasure Trend!, under the ownership of Buck. It was Buck’s main Pokémon and partner in treasure-hunting, having the ability to sense when treasure is near. It would indicate this to Buck by spinning. Baltoy was also a very powerful battler, as it was able to defeat the Claydol that was guarding the treasure hidden near Lily of the Valley Island.

19. A Baltoy appeared in Classroom Training!, under the ownership of the Snowpoint Trainers’ School.

20. Like her anime counterpart, Calista owns a Baltoy. It appeared in Hunt For The Treasure Of The Universe!.

21. In the manga adaptation of Arceus and the Jewel of Life, Marcus owns a Baltoy.

22. A Baltoy appeared in Dreadful Dealing with Dusclops, where it attacked Wally inside the Sky Pillar.

23. A Worker’s Baltoy appeared in PS546.

24. Three Baltoy appeared in I Want to be Human Again!.

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