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23 Interesting And Fun Facts About Aipom From Pokemon

Aipom is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Ambipom when leveled up while knowing Double Hit. Take a look below for 23 interesting and fun facts about Aipom.

1. Aipom is a monkey like Pokemon with a three fingered hand at the end of its tail.

2. Its fur is purple, while the skin of its face, inner ears, belly, feet, and the tip of its tail are beige.

3. Its face usually has a cheeky smile and round, blue eyes.

4. With its round ears, Aipom’s head is disproportionately large compared to its body.

5. Atop its head is a cowlick that is longer on females than males.

6. Unlike its feet, Aipom’s arms are simple, purple stubs.

7. Aipom uses its powerful tail freely and cleverly for many purposes.

8. The tail is strong enough to anchor Aipom to a branch and suspend the rest of its body in the air, but also delicate enough to pick fruit and manipulate objects.

9. Aipom has been known to wrap its tail around tree branches as it sleeps so it does not fall.

10. Since Aipom uses its tail so much, its actual arms are not as dexterous and become clumsy over time.

11. Aipom lives high in the treetops of tropical, temperate and even boreal forests, using its tail for balance as it swings from branch to branch.

12. In Alola, Bounsweet is its favorite food.

13. Clemont uses a gadget based on Aipom’s tail, called the Aipom arm.

14. Aipom appears to be based on a generic New World monkey and the exaggerated concept of their prehensile tail.

15. Aipom also shares its large smile with a cymbal-banging monkey toy.

16. It may vaguely reference the ahuizotl, a creature of Aztec mythology with monkey hands and a fifth human hand on its tail.

17. Aipom and Eipam may be a combination of ape and palm (referring to the hand on its tail). It may also refer to a pom-pom.

18. Aipom appeared in Slaking Kong!, where she stole Ash’s hat. After eventually returning it, she started following Ash and his friends. After making an unsuccessful attempt in the previous episode, Ash caught Aipom in Channeling the Battle Zone!. In Throwing the Track Switch, Ash traded her to Dawn for Buizel because Aipom loved competing in Pokémon Contests while Buizel was more interested in Gym battles. Aipom evolved into Ambipom in Journey to the Unown! while battling an aggressive horde of Unown.

19. Aipom debuted in Spell of the Unown: Entei, under the ownership of Lisa. Aipom was Lisa’s primary Pokémon, and is often seen outside of its Ball. It volunteered to go third in Lisa’s battle with Ash, going up against Noctowl and ultimately winning.

20. Aipom made its television debut in Delibird’s Dilemma, where it made off with one of Delibird’s missing presents. However, it decided to give it back to Delibird.

21. Seven Aipom made their main series debut in A Hot Water Battle, where they were causing mischief.

22. An Aipom appeared in Hocus Pokémon. Lily needed a tear from the Long Tail Pokémon to complete a spell.

23. An Aipom appeared in Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad. It was among the Pokémon residing in a forest.

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