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23 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Uxie From Pokemon

Uxie is a Psychic type Legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon. Along with Mesprit and Azelf, Uxie is a member of the lake guardians, the Sinnoh region’s Psychic type Legendary Pokemon trio. Uxie is the bringer of knowledge. Take a look below for 23 fun and fascinating facts about Uxie.

1. Uxie is a small, gray, fairy like Pokemon with two gray tails that are each encrusted with a red gem.

2. These are, presumably, two of the jewels which make up the Red Chain.

3. Uxie has a partially yellow face with another red gem encrusted into its forehead.

4. Its head faintly resembles that of a helmet or a human brain.

5. Uxie always has its eyes closed, as it can wipe out the memory of those who see its eyes.

6. Uxie’s spirit can leave its body without dying, and return at will.

7. It created all knowledge in the Pokémon universe.

8. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, it is shown that Uxie can create an illusion.

9. It was also shown in The Needs of the Three! and The Battle Finale of Legend! to teleport itself, as well as other Pokémon and humans.

10. Though it is very shy, Uxie will attack with force if it or the other lake guardians, Mesprit and Azelf, are threatened.

11. Uxie is based after a pixie or a fairy and the color yellow.

12. Uxie and the rest of the trio could possibly have originated from the Imperial Regalia of Japan, which are also called the Three Sacred Treasures.

13. Uxie would be the Yata no Kagami, which embodies wisdom and honesty.

14. Uxie and Yuxie may be a combination of yukusaki (future), chishiki (knowledge), and pixie. Alternatively, they may also be a combination of you and pixie.

15. Uxie’s “soul” appeared to Brock, much in the same way those of Mesprit and Azelf appeared to Dawn and Ash, respectively, in Uncrushing Defeat!

16. Uxie physically debuted in The Needs of the Three!, where it, along with Mesprit, came to Lake Valor after Azelf was captured. However, it was also captured by J and Team Galactic, but before it was captured, it used Future Sight with Mesprit, destroying her ship later on. It was then controlled by the team to help fulfill its goal. In The Battle Finale of Legend!, after breaking from their control with the help of Brock’s Croagunk and Ash’s Gliscor, it helped in stopping Cyrus’s plot to use Dialga and Palkia.

17. An Uxie appeared in PK21 alongside Azelf and Mesprit, serving Pikachu and his friends some apples.

18. An Uxie, along with the other members of its trio, briefly appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky – Beyond Time & Darkness as the protectors of the Time Gear.

19. An Uxie made a cameo appearance in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

20. In the Diamond & Pearl chapter, Uxie was to be captured as part of Team Galactic’s plans. Commander Jupiter led the operation to capture Uxie, and overcame resistance from Maylene, Candice and Platinum in order to do so. Uxie connected with Platinum the most, as Platinum had great wisdom; she had also been to Lake Acuity before and saw Uxie, though she did not remember the event. It first appeared in Tackling Tangrowth.

21. Along with Mesprit and Azelf, Uxie was captured by Team Galactic to create the Red Chain so that they can control the Legendary Dialga. It was eventually freed and helped stop Dialga by breaking the Red Chain. It first appeared in A Novel Test!!.

22. Uxie appeared in BET2.

23. Uxie appeared in PMDP13 along with the other members of the lake guardians.

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