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22 Fun And Interesting Facts About Vereena Sayed

Vereena Sayed is a social media starlet who is famous for her “vereena” YouTube channel. She has gained massive popularity for her beauty vlogging through makeup tutorials and Get Ready with Me vlogs. Take a look below for 22 fun and interesting facts about Vereena Sayed.

1. In 2019, she landed the lead role of Jane in the Brat series “Stuck.”

2. She is a YouTuber and Instagram personality from the United States.

3. She is known for sharing makeup tutorials, “Get Ready with Me” vlogs and “Back to School” videos.

4. As a YouTuber, she has garnered over half a million subscribers and millions of views.

5. Sayed is very popular on Instagram and has thousands of people following her profile.

6. Her channel has garnered a total of more than 17 million views from her videos.

7. Although she has made most of her old videos private, there are many vlogs that are still viewable.

8. The first video available on her channel is from February, 2018.

9. On December 14, 2018, she posted the vlog “I wore solid colors to school for a week” that went on to become the most popular video on her channel so far.

10. The vlog showcases Sayed’s love for monochromatic fashion ensembles and how she stands out by wearing them to school.

11. She’s well-aware of the fact that her targeted audience is made up of young girls, so she makes sure that she shares only useful and positive content.

12. She was born on May 22, 2003, in the United States.

13. Although she hasn’t shared anything about her parents, she occasionally features her mother and friends on her social media posts.

14. She seems to be secretive about her family background, so she hasn’t opened up about her dad.

15. Despite not talking about her mom, she has posted a few pictures of her mom on Instagram.

16. She doesn’t have any siblings.

17. In May, 2018, she posted a video featuring a makeup look that was inspired by a Tyler the Creator album cover.

18. Her birth sign is a Gemini.

19. She has a boyfriend called Billy.

20. She has more than 40,000 followers on Twitter.

21. She doesn’t seem to have a Facebook account.

22. While she was in the children’s show “Stuck”, she became famous through YouTube.

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