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21 Fun And Interesting Facts About Antonio Garza

Antonio Garza is a fast rising YouTube sensation who went viral with her beauty and makeup transformation videos. Her self titled channel has earned over 3 million subscribers. Take a look below for 21 more fun and interesting facts about Antonio Garza.

1. Her debut YouTube video, “Valentines Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look,” was posted in February 2018.

2. She has amassed over 1 million followers on her Instagram account.

3. She attended the Austin City Limits music festival in October 2016.

4. Her first video to go viral was “9th GRADE MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION.”

5. She is from Austin, Texas.

6. She has an older brother.

7. She has collaborated on videos with James Charles.

8. Garza launched her beauty, makeup and fashion hub on January 26, 2014.

9. In her “My Truth” video, Garza has shared one of her biggest life secrets with her audience.

10. Garza is a trans female.

11. YouTuber Jazmin Lee is Garza’s counterpart as she is also a trans woman who posts beauty, makeup and fashion vlogs on YouTube.

12. She hasn’t revealed any information regarding her family members, education and dating life on YouTube.

13. Garza is a Sagittarius.

14. Her net worth is estimated at $200,000. She makes most of her income from YouTube with hopes of someday having her own merchandise.

15. Garza is a big fan of Spotify’s top 50 music chart.

16. She cite’s rapper Post Malone as one of her favorite artists.

17. She’s a big fan of the popular Fortnite Battle Royale online game.

18. As per her Q&A “The Answers You’ve Been Wanting,” Garza’s biggest fear is awkwardness.

19. Garza was born on December 15, 2002.

20. While she’s currently enrolled in high school, it’s not known which school she goes to.

21. The high school student never compromises with her studies and devotes as much time as she can to her school work.

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