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19 Amazing And Fascinating Facts About Snom From Pokemon

Snom is a dual-type Ice/Bug Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves into Frosmoth when leveled up with high friendship during the night. Take a look below for 19 amazing and fascinating facts about Snom.

1. Snom is a small, larval Pokemon.

2. Most of its round white body is covered by a translucent shell of icy spikes.

3. Its exposed head features two black eyes and round mouthparts.

4. Four short legs are located underneath its body.

5. Snom anchors itself to branches with frigid thread it extrudes from its mouth to disguise itself as an icicle while sleeping.

6. Snom consumes snow that has piled up on the ground. 

7. The more snow it consumes, the larger and more impressive the spikes on its back grow.

8. As shown in Pokémon Camp, Snom are known to be voracious eaters, only being satisfied with heaping amounts of food.

9. No other Pokémon have the same type combination as Snom and its evolved form.

10. Has the lowest base stat total of all Ice-type Pokémon.

11. Has the lowest base Speed stat of all Ice-type Pokémon.

12. Is tied with Swinub for the lowest base Special Defense stat of all Ice-type Pokémon.

13. Is the only Ice-type that cannot learn Ice Beam nor Blizzard.

14. Is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 185.

15. Snom is one of the few Pokémon along with Shedinja, Frosmoth, and Alolan Ninetales that can be knocked out by entry hazards from full HP. If one of these Pokémon is switched in while 3 layers of Spikes, Stealth Rock, and the effect of G-Max Steelsurge are present of its side of the field, the total damage will be 100% of its HP (as long as its HP is divisible by four). Aurorus and Amaura also share this trait, but are currently unavailable in Sword and Shield – they are slated to return in The Crown Tundra expansion.

16. Snom may be based on a jewel caterpillar.

17. Snom may also draw some inspiration from the larvae of the Gynaephora genus of alpine or Arctic moths.

18. One particular species, the arctic woolly bear moth, can enter a dormant state that allows it to endure temperatures as low as −94 °F (−70 °C).

19. Snom may be a combination of snow, worm, and nom (slang for eating).

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