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12 Amazing And Awesome Facts About Apocalymon From Digimon

Apocalymon is an Unidentified Digimon. Take a look below for 12 amazing and awesome facts about Apocalymon from Digimon.

1. It is a Digimon who appeared when negative thoughts were drawn together by darkness.

2. So little is known about Apocalymon that it may not even be a Digimon.

3. Some claim it appeared to purge the chaos of cyberspace, and reduce it back to nothing; others claim its arrival was spoken of in ancient texts.

4. Apocalymon takes the form of a blue-skinned humanoid wearing a black cape with red trimming, a grey helmet with yellow markings, and a scar on its left eye.

5. Its arms are long with black bands on the forearms and its hands are larger than normal hands and have red claws.

6. Its hair is a dirty white, and it has yellow eyes.

7. From the waist down, it is a giant polyhedron the size of a planetoid that can bring out giant metal claws on dual helix chains.

8. In Digimon World 4, it is capable of separating from its polyhedron body giving itself a small floating platform that has a spike with three pointed, spinning props on the underside for a lower body.

9. Different Apocalymon are bosses. According to its official profile, Apocalymon was born from Millenniummon’s power.

10. Apokarimon is the last opponent of the final Infinity Tower’s Battle Arena. After defeating him in the Battle Arena and in Infinity Tower’s Battle Café, he will randomly appear in the Battle Café of Beginner City, Flame City, Junk City, Pyramid City, Sky City, Desert Island, Steep Road or Infinity Tower, but only after 10 consecutive battles between each encounter.

11. Apoclymon DNA digivolves from the more powerful version of VenomVamdemon and Piemon.

12. Apocalymon is an Ultra level Digimon that may digivolve from Piedmon.

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