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10 Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Cyclonemon From Digimon

Cyclonemon is a Dragon Digimon. Take a look below for 10 interesting and fascinating facts about Cyclonemon from Digimon.

1. It is a one-eyed Digimon with an abnormally developed right arm.

2. It was originally a stalwart dragon warrior, but its right eye was crushed by the warrior Leomon, and it became an oni of revenge.

3. In order to defeat Leomon, it has strengthened and enlarged its right arm, and it is on the lookout for a chance to take it down.

4. For the sake of revenge, it has lost its pride as a warrior, leaving it as nothing more than a warrior obsessed with bloodshed.

5. Its design is derived from the fictional Gigan.

6. A Cyclonemon and a Tuskmon, presumably working for Daemon and Neo, raid Hospitown while Tai Kamiya and Zeromaru are staying there. The Tuskmon is taken down by Greymon, Meramon, and Centarumon, each of whom digivolved from one of the Agumon that Tai befriended at Holy Angel Castle, while Zeromaru makes quick work of the Cyclonemon.

7. Cyclonemon digivolves from Gizamon, and can digivolve further into Megadramon.

8. Cyclonemon can be found in Asuka’s Underground Sewers along with Raremon where Datamon (Boss) is also located in the control room nearby. His red color variant can be located in Asuka’s Kulon Pit, in the Dark Dungeon. In the PAL version of the game, Cyclonemon can be found in Amaterasu’s Circuit Boards underground, once Galacticmon has been beaten. He is also available as a Brown Champion Card with 16/16.

9. A Cyclonemon is summoned by a member of Demons in an attempt to steal Takumi Aiba’s Cyberspace EDEN account as he had snuck in to try and get all their stolen accounts back, however due to Takumi’s half-digital body, they are unable to do so. Takumi then connect jumps into the Demons secret base’s computer, taking the stolen accounts back. After ending the connect jump, Aiba has his Terriermon, Palmon, and Hagurumon digivolve to Gargomon, Togemon, and Guardromon. In response, the Demon members summon two more Growlmon, to aid the Growlmon they already had out, alongside Cyclonemon, though the three Growlmon are defeated by Aiba’s Digimon. Cyclonemon then attempts to defeat the trio, but is defeated as well. The Demons members are then attacked by an Eater (Purebreed Mode), having their accounts destroyed and succumb to EDEN Syndrome, whilst Takumi escapes, and returns to the accounts to the clients.

10. Cyclonemon digivolves from Agumon (Black), Armadillomon, and Dorumon and can digivolve to DoruGreymon, Datamon, and Megadramon.

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