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10 Interesting And Crazy Facts About Fugamon From Digimon

Fugamon is an Evil Digimon. Take a look below for 10 interesting and crazy facts about Fugamon from Digimon.

1. It is a Digimon whose form resembles that of the Oni from Eastern legends.

2. It belongs to the same family as Ogremon, sporting the same violent, battle-loving personality.

3. The attacks dealt using its well-developed muscles pack extraordinary power, and bring about absolute destruction.

4. Fugamon is a Digimon that resembles a red or ochre ogre with long, unkempt white hair and pointed ears adored by earrings.

5. It’s known for having its mouth open nearly all the time with an exaggerated lower jaw similar to Violator and has fang-like tusks on its upper jaw like a traditional Oni.

6. It wears a tiger stripe loincloth and sleeves on its left arm and right leg which further emphasize this resemblance as well as a bracer on its right arm and black belts on its left leg. It carries a large, spiked femur bone as a bludgeon weapon.

7. It has a skull and crossbones on its left arm, metal studs on the knuckles of its left hand, and a scar on the back of its right hand.

8. Its Toei art depicts it with two horns identical to Ogremon whereas its Bandai art depicts it having no horns.

9. When Rika and Renamon were fighting a Goblimon, Calumon went near the area and Goblimon digivolved to a Fugamon. He failed terribly when attacking Renamon, who destroyed him with her Diamond Storm Attack.

10. Fugamon digivolves from Shamanmon and can digivolve to Okuwamon.

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