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10 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Dragomon From Digimon

Dragomon is a Sea Animal Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fascinating and interesting facts about Dragomon from Digimon.

1. It is an evil god Digimon called the “Depraved Monk of the Deep” (Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor).

2. It is thought to have evolved from a computer virus that would infect the computers aboard ships and the like, then knock their direction and course out of order.

3. It bundles up its innumerable, multiplying tentacles, and takes on a humanoid appearance, but its true shape is a strange evolution of a Mollusk Digimon so it’s as much an abomination as any protean thing.

4. It is said that, with just a few exceptions, those who see this true form will have their lives erased from this world.

5. For its defeated opponents, it wears a prayer beads around its neck, chants sutras, and adopts a pose similar to mourning.

6. Its design incorporates elements from the fictional Cthulhu and the mythological Umibōzu.

7. Dragomon is the rarely seen “Dark Undersea Master” of the Dark Ocean, served by the Scubamon who worship him. Though the Scubamon were enslaved by the Digimon Emperor and attempted to take Kari Kamiya upon her releasing them, they decided to return to their master. After Kari and T.K. Takaishi left for their world, Dragomon’s shadowed form emerges from the Dark Ocean.

8. Dragomon digivolves from Sukamon. Dragomon also appears while at Training Peak, he is however destroyed by Cyberdramon’s Erase Claw (who appeared just in time with his Tamer Yuji), these events take place after Calumon asks you to find him a Digi-Cake. Dragomon is sometimes found in the Drain Tunnel.

9. Dragomon technically doesn’t appear in Cyber Sleuth, however the ghost of the dead school girl who the Inoden Occult Research Club, Aiba, and Kyoko Kuremi accidentally summon from another realm is revealed in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory to be a Dragomon in disguise by Lily Douguchi and Keisuke Amasawa.

10. Dragomon digivolves from Gesomon, Seadramon, and Raremon, and can digivolve to GigaSeadramon and Pukumon.

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