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10 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Beetlemon From Digimon

Beetlemon is an Android Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fascinating and amazing facts about Beetlemon from Digimon.

1. It possesses power over Thunder which bears the might of AncientBeetlemon.

2. Its keen movements, unbecoming of its large build, are a technique to form a high voltage current running throughout its body.

3. It generates a special magnetic field that produces an anti-gravity state in its vicinity, and is capable of high-speed movement. Its overflowing thunder power comes out as sparks from various parts of its body, and although Beetlemon looks mechanical, its personality is, in contrast, expressive and human.

4. Its language is trollish, but it additionally conveys excess warmth. In battle, its underwater mobility is weak due to the nature of its wrestler-like style.

5. Beetlemon is a large humanoid Digimon who has a large horn on its head.

6. It is covered in a blue and yellow armor-like exoskeleton.

7. It bears the emblem of the Spirit of Thunder on its cuisses and pronotum.

8. Beetlemon can be obtained by giving the H Spirit of Thunder to a Wormmon or Stingmon.

9. Blitzmon is an obtainable Digimon at the H-Hybrid level.

10. Blitzmon is card 6-953.

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