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10 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Starbuck, Washington, United States

Starbuck is a town in Columbia County, Washington, United States. Take a look below for 10 awesome and interesting facts about Starbuck, Washington, United States.

1. The population was 129 at the 2010 census.

2. Named for railroad official W. H. Starbuck, the town was originally a junction on the main line of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company.

3. The town was platted in 1894, and built its first bank ten years later. 

4. In 1886, the railroad completed a line eastward from Starbuck to Pomeroy and Pataha City in Garfield County (This line remained in operation until 1981).

5. The town was officially incorporated on September 18, 1905. In 1910, a large brick school was built.

6. In 1914 a bridge over the Snake River was completed downstream from Lyon’s Ferry, which greatly diminished the railroad traffic through the town.

7. The economy of the town turned to agriculture, but in 1929 the bank failed. The town’s population dwindled steadily until the mid twentieth century.

8. The High School shut down in 1956, and students had to bus to Dayton. In 1961, the railroad station was shut down as well.

9. In 1968, the Snake River Bridge (originally built over the Columbia at Vantage in 1927, then disassembled in 1963) was re-assembled in the area, providing additional access over the Snake River. In 1970, the Little Goose Dam was completed about nine miles northeast of Starbuck.

10. Today Starbuck is a quiet, agricultural town with a population of about 130.

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