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10 Amazing And Fun Facts About Devidramon From Digimon

Devidramon is a Dark Dragon Digimon. Take a look below for 10 amazing and fun facts about Devidramon from Digimon.

1. It is known and feared as the “Many-eyed Demon”.

2. As a demon beast that was summoned from the Dark Area by the messenger of darkness, Devimon, there are no other Digimon as evil as it is.

3. Although it is a Dramon-species Digimon, its limbs are unusually developed, so it cuts the opponent to pieces with its elongated arms, and flies about the darkness with its sturdy legs and wings.

4. Its personality is the epitome of wickedness, and it is unmoved by a spirit of compassion.

5. If it glares at them with its four eyes burning in deep crimson, the opponent becomes unable to move, and it will chop up their unresisting body.

6. Also, the tip of its tail is able to open up and take on the shape of a claw, which can skewer the opponent.

7. This Digimon was probably produced by the evil feelings of Hackers who were abusing the Computer Network for their own selfish desires.

8. A Devidramon is paired up with Devimon along with Gazimon in the first major boss battle in the game. Devidramon can also be found in Piedmon’s Castle and Milleniummon’s Lair.

9. The Digimon Emperor rides a Devidramon before and after the creation of Kimeramon. Wormmon tackles the Digimon Emperor and rides the Devidramon on a collision course to Kimeramon, and both are attacked. After Wormmon gives up his remaining energy so that Magnamon can destroy Kimeramon, Devidramon flies off.

10. A Devidramon bio-emerges in the Real World, and although its originaly trapped in its Digital Field, Impmon inadvertantly frees it , allowing it to fly around town. Looking for a worthy opponet, it finds Guilmon and battles the Rookie. Devidramon is too powerful for Guilmon, but Takato Matsuki’s care for him causes him to digivolve into Growlmon. Growlmon and Devidramon fight it out and Devidramon throws Growlmon through a bridge. When Devidramon swoops down to attack again, Growlmon fires his “Pyro Blaster” straight up, destroying Devidramon and absorbing his data.

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