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23 Fun And Interesting Facts About Shannon Woodward

Shannon Woodward is an American actress born on December 17, 1984. She played Sabrina on Raising Hope and Di Di Malloy on The Riches. In 2016, Woodward began playing Elsie Hughes, a programmer, in a regular role on the HBO series Westworld. Take a look below for 23 more fun and interesting facts about Shannon…

21 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Katja Herbers

Katja Mira Herbers, born October 18, 1980, is a Dutch theater, film, and television actress. She’s best known for portraying Dr. Helen Prins on the American television series Manhattan and the emotionally unstable borderliner Joyce on the Dutch show Divorce. Take a look below for 21 more interesting and awesome facts about Katja Herbers. 1….