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25 Fascinating And Fun Facts About Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lockeport is a town and port in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a traditional Nova Scotian fishing town, situated on a peninsula in Allendale Bay. It is connected to the mainland by the Crescent Beach causeway. The area that surrounds the bay is known as the “Ragged Islands.” Take a look below for…

22 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

Clark’s Harbour is a town on Cape Sable Island in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada, located in the Municipality of the District of Barrington in Shelburne County. Take a look below for 22 interesting and awesome facts about Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1. The main industry is lobster fishing. 2. Owing to this as well…

27 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada

Annapolis Royal, formerly known as Port Royal, is a town located in the western part of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Take a look below for 27 fascinating and interesting facts about Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1. Today’s Annapolis Royal is the second French settlement known by the same name and should not be…