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26 Amazing And Awesome Facts About The Star Sign Cancer

The zodiac is a fascinating study of personalities and connections.  While not everyone believes in the idea of there being 12 distinct ways to define people, it is always interesting to think about.  For example, those people born in summer months – Cancers or Cancerians – allegedly exhibit specific behaviours and traits uncommon in others…

14 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Zodiac Signs

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to stars. In Western astrology, every person has a Zodiac Sign based on the location of the sun during your birth. And this sign wields tremendous influence over your personality and life. Take a look below for 14 interesting and awesome facts about zodiac signs. 1….

15 Awesome And Fun Facts About The Star Sign Virgo

If you were born between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd, you’re a Virgo! Virgos tend to be intelligent people who know what they want – and they can often be very dependable! Of course, star signs are a lot of fun to think about, and whether or not you fully subscribe to astrology,…

18 Awesome And Fun Facts About Telescopes

Telescopes have done more to transform man’s understanding of space than most other inventions. This is what makes them so interesting. Take a look below for 18 awesome and fun facts about telescopes. 1. People always credit Galileo with the invention of the telescope but actually, that isn’t true. That honour goes to Hans Lippershey….

18 Amazing And Fun Facts About The Milky Way

Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. You could compare it to one city in a vast network of cities. As the birthplace of humanity, home to billions of stars, there are so many mysteries surrounding our galaxy that scientists have yet to unravel. Take a look below for 18 amazing and fun facts about…

18 Incredible And Unbelievable Facts About Comets

Comets have fascinated humankind for centuries. While some people worshipped them, others feared them. But that was back when they held so much mystery. Take a look below for 18 incredible and unbelievable facts about comets. 1. Comets have a nucleus. This is the centre of the comet and it consists of ice and rocks….

17 Interesting And Awesome Facts About NASA

NASA is the independent agency of the USA government that was responsible for sending man to the moon.  Take a look below for 17 interesting and awesome facts about NASA. 1. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 2. NASA’s predecessor was NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics which President Woodrow Wilson created…

21 Fun And Interesting Facts About The International Space Station

Floating 240 miles above Earth, the International Space Station is a technological marvel – the greatest undertaking in human history – a project that only succeeded because of the cooperative efforts of over a dozen nations. Take a look below for 21 fun and interesting facts about the International Space Station. 1. The International Space…

13 Incredible And Awesome Facts About Stars

It’s a big, wide mysterious universe we live in, and whenever we look up at night, we’re likely to see thousands of glittering stars up in the blackness.  Stars show us light from unfathomable distances – meaning that we may never hope to reach them – but at the same time, we can use them…

14 Crazy And Bizarre Facts About UFOs

The truth is out there – or is it? The fact is, people have been looking to the skies for decades in an attempt to see if there’s more intelligent life up in the stars. There have been movies, TV shows and pop culture galore based around the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects – what…