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8 Crazy And Interesting Facts About Flamemon From Digimon

Flamemon is a Demon Man Digimon. Take a look below for 8 crazy and interesting facts about Flamemon from Digimon.

1. It was transformed into a half-beast, half-man form when Agunimon lost its power.

2. It is missing the “Combat Instinct” that Digimon naturally possess, and moreover, it has lost power.

3. However, it is a being that has inherited the Human Spirit of Flame of AncientGreymon, so although it has lost power, ordinary Champion-class Digimon aren’t a match for it.

4. If anything, it has kindness inappropriate for a Digimon and is similar to a Rookie Digimon, counterbalancing its mischievous part.

5. Flamemon took the appearance a humanoid-like monkey with large spiked red hair, cut-off horns and elf-like ears that had two gold hoops with green eyes as well as two marks beneath its eyes.

6. Flamemon had dark-skin with a white marking on the left side circling its left pectoral muscle, a bushy flame-like tail and three toes with red nails.

7. It wore ankle-length red pants with a belt that went around its sides and a large silver buckle with the symbol for fire on it; it had also red gauntlets that had a large silver ending, red rings around the ankles and red shoulder-pads.

8. Flamon can digivolve to Agnimon.

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