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31 Interesting And Fun Facts About Superman

Superman is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, who were high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. They sold the character to DC Comics, which was then known as Detective Comics, for $130. Take a look below for 31 more interesting and fun facts about Superman.

1. The original Superman character was a bald telepathic villain that was focused on world domination. It was like a mix of Lex Luthor and Professor X.

2. Originally, he was only capable of being able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. His gained his ability to fly because, in the 1940s, it was difficult to animate him bending his knees to jump.

3. Even though he can fly faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, Superman isn’t faster than the Flash. In one comic, Barry Allen, who’s really the Flash, reminds Kal El, or Clark Kent, that even though they’ve raced in the past, in the end, “I allowed you to participate and ultimately you cannot beat me in a race. Not now, not ever.”

4. Superman’s powers are gained by harnessing the solar radiation from the yellow sun. The reason why he had no powers on Krypton is because Krypton had a red sun.

5. He doesn’t need to eat or breathe as he can subsist just off of solar radiation alone.

6. One of his newest powers is the Solar Flare, where he’s able to release all of the solar energy in his body at once, creating a massive explosion. However, after using this power, he can’t do anything for 24 hours.

7. Superman is protected by a bio-electric aura just above his skin that makes him invulnerable and keeps his clothes intact.

8. Kryptonite wasn’t in the original comics and was invented for the 1940s radio show because the voice actor wanted some time off and they had to find a way to explain his absence.

9. His original arch enemy was a telepathic ape called Ultra-Humanite.

10. In a 1958 comic, he projected a miniature version of himself with all of his powers. He then tried to kill the small version out of jealousy but ended up sacrificing himself to save it.

11. According to Joe Shuster, Superman was inspired by heroes such as Hercules and Flash Gordon.

12. Superman is strong enough to carry a book of infinite pages, meaning that his strength is infinite.

13. He’s had several strange powers over the years. For example, he was able to shapeshift, shoot miniature versions of himself from his hands, super hypnosis and supe ventriloquism.

14. Kryptonite isn’t his only weakness as he’s been shown to be vulnerable to magic. Furthermore, since he gains all of his powers from a yellow sun, being near a red sun will slowly take all of his powers away.

15. In the Amalgam Comics, which were comics that were popular in the 1990s that combined DC and Marvel heroes, Superman was combined with Captain America to create Super Soldier.

16. Most of Superman’s love interests over the years have had the initials “L.L.” For example, Louis Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Layal Lerrol. Even Supergirl’s alter ego is Linda Lee.

17. Clark Kent’s glasses aren’t the only thing that hides his true identity. It’s been explained in the comics that Superman also changes his body language, deepens his voice and acts differently than Clark Kent.

18. He doesn’t wear a mask because he wants to gain people’s trust and it’s easier to trust someone when you can see their face.

19. The original reasoning for Lex Luthor’s hatred towards Superman was that Superman made Luthor bald.

20. Due to his photographic memory and his super speed, Superman can read enough books fast enough to gain a PhD level knowledge in a certain field in seconds.

21. In the 1990s, Nicholas Cage was paid $20 million to star in a Tim Burton directed Superman that never got made. However, he did name his son Kal-El, after Superman’s Kryptonian name.

22. There is a version of Superman from an alternate universe who was raised by Bruce Wayne’s parents after Bruce Wayne died.

23. Batman has a piece of kryptonite entrusted to him by Superman in case Superman ever goes rogue.

24. Superman once held Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. He managed to lift it not because he’s Superman, but because he was deemed worthy.

25. In the Marvel Universe, Clark Kent is a mild mannered reporter with no Superman powers.

26. In the 50th issue of the comics, it was revealed that Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, convinced Jor-El, Superman’s father, that Earth was the best place to send his son.

27. In 1945, the United States government had to cover up a Superman comic about scientists splitting the atom to create an atomic bomb as scientists at the Manhattan Project were working on the real thing.

28. His secret headquarters is called the Fortress of Solitude.

29. The Superman “S” symbol has been explained several times as being the El family crest or even a symbol of hope.

30. Superman was once bitten by Dracula but because his cells hold so much solar radiation, Dracula exploded.

31. In the Superman comics, there is a pink kryptonite that turns Superman gay.

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