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30 Interesting And Bizarre Facts About The Flash

The Flash is the name of several superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, with the original Flash appearing in Flash Comics #1. He was nicknamed the “Scarlet Speedster” and all incarnations of the Flash have super speed. This includes the ability to run, move, and think extremely fast, use superhuman reflexes and violate some laws of physics. Take a look below for 30 more interesting and bizarre facts about the Flash.

1. The Flash can process information so fast that he can almost predict the future. He can quickly perceive nearly every possible outcome to determine the best choices to make.

2. His speed force can even negate the anti-life equation. For example, one time when Barry Allen’s wife was under the control of the anti-life, he kissed her and then the speed force surrounded her and she regained her free will.

3. Speedsters can rob objects of their kinetic energy, motion, or momentum, such as bullets in flight or turning a supervillain into a statue. They can also use their energy to accelerate themselves even faster.

4. Some speedsters, like Wally West, have an ability called “Energy Construct Creation.” This ability allows them to manipulate the speed force to create constructs similar to the way Green Lanterns do.

5. After being pricked by one of Poison Ivy’s toxic thorns, the Flash had to run in order to keep the toxin from metabolizing into his bloodstream. He circled the planet 6 times and maintained supersonic speeds for over a day.

6. Speedsters have an ability called molecular acceleration. It occurs when a speedster causes enough molecular agitation within matter to create an explosive reaction.

7. Wally West stated that he hates running through Cleveland, Gary and Chicago because they looked like Apokolips.

8. The Flash can sense everyone who has been touched by the speedforce.

9. He can produce a punch at infinite mass and energy when he runs at enough speed.

10. The Flash once ran so fast around a populated planet Mercury that he actually beat himself at a race by crossing the finishing line before the after image from his first lap finished.

11. When the Flash created mini tornados with his hands, he’s able to fly temporarily like a helicopter.

12. After seeming to die in crisis on infinite Earths, Barry Allen ran to the Marvel Universe and beat Quicksilver in a race.

13. The sound receptors the Flash wears on his ears are magnetised so that he can hear while traveling beyond the speed of sound.

14. The Flash once tuned every radio on Earth in one septosecond. In order to do this, he would need to travel approximately 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times faster than the speed of light.

15. The reason why speedsters use the cosmic to travel through time is because it’s painful and they lose control while they try to travel, therefore, by using the treadmill, it makes it easier.

16. The Flash has ran so fast that he’s been able to beat an instant teleporter. This means that he’s ran faster than a single instance in time, easily beating his opponent.

17. When the Flash first got his speed, he didn’t actually have his ability with his first step. He needed to process the speed force in him to run at super speed.

18. Barry Allen once channeled the speedforce in the force of lightning to kick start Jay Garrick’s heart.

19. Since most speedsters are too fast for death to capture, there is a speedster who is the embodiment of death itself, known as the Black Flash. It was previously known as a myth, being vaguely seen before the deaths of those like Barry Allen and Johnny Quick, until one of the Flashes had to fight this entity hand to hand. Max Mercury is the only speedster to escape Black Flash on multiple occasions.

20. Barry Allen and Iris West once went to a Halloween party dressed as the Flash and Batgirl.

21. Some of the speedsters in the Flash family are able to run by muscle memory and drift away in thought. Barry Allen does this the most.

22. When Jai West asked his father, Wally West, to get him a Power Ranger for Christmas, Wally ran to the toy store to get one but they ran out of Jai’s favorite. Wally then ran to the factory where they make them and assembled one for his son on the spot.

23. When Wally West’s mother went missing and the Crime Syndicate tore through Central City his aunt, Iris West, took him in.

24. The Flash is fast enough to run on clouds by attracting the ice crystals in the clouds to use as footholds.

25. He once repaired a city while simultaneously having a conversation with his therapist, without the therapist ever knowing that he left the couch.

26. Wally West bought a lottery ticket on the day of his 20th birthday. The ticket happened to be the winning one and Wally won $6 million. Although he would eventually lose all of the money in the stock market.

27. The Flash is so fast that the friction he causes while running turns sand into lava in nanoseconds.

28. Barry Allen is the only Flash that was able to manipulate and control the entire speed force, giving him an advantage.

29. Daniel West is able to absorb speed force energy to fuel his power.

30. Wally West is able to go around the world in 10 seconds.