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30 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Urshifu From Pokemon

Urshifu is a Fighting-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Kubfu when shown the scroll in one of the Towers of Two Fists. It has one of two different secondary types: Dark or Water. Its secondary type is permanent and is determined by the Tower in which Kubfu is trained; the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters, respectively.

In its Single Strike Style, it is Fighting/Dark-type. In its Rapid Strike Style, it is Fighting/Water-type. Urshifu has two Gigantamax forms, one for each Style. Urshifu is the game mascot of The Isle of Armor. Take a look below for 30 interesting and awesome facts about Urshifu.

1. Urshifu is a large bipedal Pokémon resembling a humanoid black bear-like Pokémon with a wushu motif.

2. It has a muscular build with long legs and long arms with large paws and claws for striking.

3. Its body and head are covered in gray, black, and white fur, minus the yellow muzzle.

4. The front of Urshifu’s pelt slightly resembles a traditional frog buttoned/braid buttoned hanging off ends on both front and back.

5. The fur on Urshifu’s head is spikier and flares into a flowing white and black headband. 

6. The backs of Urshifu’s hands, its knuckles, and the tops of its feet are also white-colored.

7. Appearance-wise, the fur on top of Single Strike Style Urshifu’s head and on its legs flows up, while its headband flares upward and backward.

8. Meanwhile, the fur on top of Rapid Strike Style Urshifu’s head and on its legs flows down, while its headband flares forward and outward.

9. The two styles also have different default poses: Single Strike Style Urshifu has its front fist raised, back fist lowered, and both feet planted, while Rapid Strike Style Urshifu has its back fist raised, front fist lowered, and front foot lifted off the ground. Otherwise, the two forms appear nearly identical.

10. Urshifu’s style and personality are determined by how it trained as a Kubfu and the scroll it reads from either of Towers of Two Fists.

11. Urshifu are known to enjoy eating honey, particularly Max Honey.

12. It lives in the mountains of a distant region.

13. Urshifu trains its legs and moves by racing across sheer cliffs.

14. Single Strike Style Urshifu prefers battling without holding back.

15. It strongly believes in using the One-hit KO strategy.

16. If enraged, it will mercilessly attack the opponent until utterly crushed.

17. Its movements are direct and involve rushing in a straight line.

18. When it is a certain distance away from an opponent, it quickly leaps in to unleash a powerful blow.

19. Rapid Strike Style Urshifu prefers calmly observing the opponent and their strength while dodging. Urshifu strongly believes in defeating its opponents with many rapid blows nonstop like a flowing river. It uses flowing movements to ward off an opponent’s attack before overwhelming them with rapid strikes.

20. It is believed Urshifu modeled this style after the flows of a rapid, yet sometimes calm river.

21. When Urshifu Gigantamaxes, the patterns on its fur become significantly accentuated, its headband lengthens, and its eyes and mouth take on a white glow. In general, parts of its fur that used to be grey are now white, and parts that used to be black are now its signature color (red for Gigantamax Single Strike Style and blue for Gigantamax Rapid Strike Style). In addition, Gigantamax Single Strike Style Urshifu’s leg fur and headband become spikier, while for Gigantamax Rapid Strike Style Urshifu they become rounder and less spiky.

22. Gigantamax Single Strike Style Urshifu has been called “the very embodiment of rage” and “a divine emissary that banishes evil spirits with its fury.” It is believed that Gigantamax Single Strike Style Urshifu can rid the world of its malevolence through its terrifying expression and shouting. The shockwaves released from its fists can blow away any Dynamaxed Pokémon with just one hit.

23. Gigantamax Rapid Strike Style Urshifu maintains a perfect one-perfected stance in a calm manner while in its Gigantamax form. It can maintain it to the point of not twitching. Opponents who face it may either feel greatly agitated or experience a sense of relief as if freed from evil spirits. It is believed that Gigantamax Rapid Strike Style Urshifu could supposedly destroy those with evil in their hearts by simply glaring at them.

24. Urshifu is the only known Pokémon capable of using the moves Wicked Blow and Surging Strikes along with the exclusive G-Max Moves G-Max One Blow and G-Max Rapid Flow.

25. Urshifu is the only Legendary Pokémon that has a Gigantamax form, and consequently the only Legendary Pokémon that can use a G-Max Move.

26. Urshifu has the lowest base stat total of all fully evolved Legendary Pokemon.

27. Urshifu may be based on an Asian black bear and a wushu fighter. Rapid Strike Style’s Water typing may be a reference to the “flow like water” quote by famous actor and martial artist Bruce Lee.

28. Single Strike Style may have been based on a mixture of Tiger style and Leopard style, styles based on precise, strong and direct strikes which can give meaning to Single Strike’s unique move, Wicked Blow; which always lands in a critical hit and described to be a singular, strong punch and references both Leopard style’s way of looking to take down opponents as swiftly as it can and Tiger style’s direct attack with overwhelming strength and power.

29. Rapid Strike Style may have been based on a mixture of Crane style and Seven Star Mantis style, styles based around flowing movements, balance, dodging, deflecting, and tactile overwhelming blows, just like Rapid Strike and its signature move, Surging Strikes; which is given a further nod to the movements given and flowing, flurrying strikes delivered in the Japanese name: Streaming Strikes.

30. Their Gigantamax forms may be inspired by the Nio, Agyō and Ungyō, a pair of viciously powerful Buddhist deities that ward off evil spirits and protect good spirits, as Urshifu is also capable of doing both. Typically, statues depicting Agyō will have its mouth open as a sign of violent aggression, as Rapid Strike Style attacks its foes relentlessly, while Ungyō keeps it mouth closed to represent latent strength, as Single Strike Style confidently delivers a single punch to a weak point. Additionally, the statues are often colored red and blue, though the color is not a prominent trait of either, as they can be each be red or blue, and sometimes both.

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