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30 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Dianna Elise Agron

Dianna Elise Agron is an American actress, singer and dancer. In 2006, Agron made her television debut as Jessica Grant on CSI: NY. From 2006 to 2007, Agron had recurring roles on Veronica Mars as Jenny Budosh, and Heroes as Debbie Marshall. Take a look below for 30 more awesome and interesting facts about Dianna Elise Agron.

1. Agron was born in Savannah, Georgia, and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and San Francisco, California, the daughter of Mary and Ronald S. Agron, a general manager of Hyatt hotels.

2. Due to her father’s career, Agron said she and her family lived in different hotels growing up.

3. She has a younger brother, Jason.

4. Her father was born to a Jewish family, while her mother converted to Judaism.

5. Agron attended Hebrew school and had a Bat Mitzvah.

6. Her paternal ancestors were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe whose original surname “Agronsky” was, according to her, altered by immigration officials at Ellis Island, but it appears the family changed its name after arriving in the U.S. at Boston.

7. When she was 15, she found out that her father had multiple sclerosis. In an interview for Cosmopolitan, she revealed, “Quite a bit changed after that. At that age, you don’t see mortality in your parents.” The disease caused her parents’ relationship to fall apart, and they decided to separate, which was devastating for her and her younger brother. She stated, “I had to play therapist to my family… be the glue. Those kinds of things I’m not ready to speak about yet.”

8. Agron attended Burlingame Intermediate School and Burlingame High School, where she was in the Homecoming Court, and played the part of Marty in Grease; she was also involved in set design, costumes, and painting.

9. She has been dancing since the age of three, focusing mainly in jazz and ballet, and later began hip-hop dancing.

10. Agron then fell in love with musical theater, and often performed in local and school productions.

11. She played Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz in fifth grade, and began teaching dance as a teenager.

12. She says she was not “popular” in the stereotypical sense in high school, though she had many friends from different cliques around the school.

13. As a teenager, Agron worked at a local boutique, where she “became enthralled with fashion,” and was on her high school’s yearbook committee.

14. Agron has appeared on television series such as Shark, Close to Home, CSI: NY, Numbers, and Veronica Mars.

15. She appeared as Harper in a 13-episode series of short films, It’s a Mall World, directed by Milo Ventimiglia, that aired on MTV.

16. In 2007, Agron appeared as Dyanna in the action-thriller film T.K.O., directed by Declan Mulvey, alongside Samantha Alarcon, Daz Crawford, and Christian Boeving.

17. In 2011, Agron appeared as Alice in the horror thriller The Hunters, and as Sarah Hart in the science-fiction action thriller I Am Number Four.

18. Agron appeared in the concert film of Glee, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie.

19. In 2015, Agron appeared in the political thriller Zipper as Dalia, the intern of a lawyer who is running for office.

20. Agron is part of the main cast of The Crash, alongside Frank Grillo, AnnaSophia Robb, Minnie Driver, and Ed Westwick, which was released January 13, 2017.

21. Agron made her stage debut in the play McQueen, based on the life of the designer Alexander McQueen (Stephen Wight).

22. Several songs performed by Agron as Quinn Fabray on Glee have been released as singles, available for digital download, also featured on the show’s soundtrack albums.

23. In 2010, Agron directed the music video for “Body” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.

24. In 2009, Agron wrote, starred in, directed, and executive-produced an unreleased short comedy film called A Fuchsia Elephant.

25. Agron underwent nose surgery twice to repair her deviated septum, once the result of a blow to the nose when she was fourteen in a party, and once in an accident while on tour for Glee.

26. In late 2015, she became engaged to Winston Marshall, from the band Mumford & Sons. They were married on October 15, 2016, in Morocco.

27. Agron has supported PETA and LGBT rights. Using her Tumblr account as a starting point, Agron released her website You, Me and Charlie on December 12, 2011.

28. Agron donated possessions to the Vietnam Veterans of America in Los Angeles during August 2013.

29. In December 2014, Agron provided services and live entertainment to United States troops and their families as part of the United Service Organizations tour at Bagram air field, Afghanistan.

30. In May 2016, she traveled with the UN to visit resettled Syrian refugees in Europe.

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