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27 Fun And Interesting Facts About Toxicroak From Pokemon

Toxicroak is a dual type Poison and Fighting Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Croagunk starting at level 37. Take a look below for 27 fun and interesting facts about Toxicroak.

1. Toxicroak is a dark blue and teal, bipedal Pokemon resembling a poison dart frog.

2. Its head bears a gently-upward curling spike which seems to be a part of the skull.

3. Its eyes are bright yellow, sinister and intimidating, with a small snake-like pupil.

4. Its mouth gives an appearance of a mouth-guard, with its red upper lip curling upward at the ends in a very intimidating manner.

5. Underneath its chin is a bulbous red vocal sac, which is smaller on a female Toxicroak.

6. It has three fingers and one large red claw on the back of each hand.

7. These claws on the backs of their hands can channel poison.

8. Its forearms have two black rings encircling them.

9. Its legs are muscular and seem to be adapted for speedy attacks.

10. It has three toes on its feet, with a red middle toe on each foot, and a sharp spike which juts out of its heels.

11. Underneath the pelvic area are two white horizontal lines.

12. Thick black lines run down the sides of its body and surrounding its limbs, making them seem as if the limbs are detachable.

13. The black lines go up into its face and surround the eyes before meeting in the middle of its snout, just above the upper lip.

14. By croaking, Toxicroak churns the poison stored in the poison sac on their throat for more potency.

15. Toxicroak gives off poison with stings or claws, though it can poison when touched.

16. This poison can knock out an opponent with even if tis just a scratch.

17. Toxicroak releases a victory croak when a foe is defeated.

18. It can be cruel and fearsome, or it can be quite laid-back, relaxing on rocks and in marshes, studying the views around it.

19. It is related to Seismitoad.

20. Toxicroak lives in moist areas around bodies of water.

21. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Toxicroak and its pre-evolution, Croagunk.

22. Toxicroak, along with its pre-evolution, are also the only Pokémon with a double weakness to the Psychic type, due to this unique typing.

23. In the anime, Toxicroak is depicted with a light turquoise skin similar to its Shiny coloration. This appears to be its ordinary coloration in the anime.

24. Toxicroak may have been based on the poison dart frog. The claws on its hands may be inspired by the hairy frog, which defends itself by breaking its own toes and projecting sharpened bones from its skin.

25. Toxicroak is a combination of toxic and croak.

26. Toxicroak debuted in Enter Galactic!, under the ownership of Saturn. It has since made further appearances with Team Galactic, during which it developed a rivalry with Brock’s Croagunk.

27. Multiple Toxicroak appeared in A Cellular Connection!. They were riled up by an explosion triggered by one of Clemont’s inventions, and they subsequently chased Ash and his friends off a cliff.

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