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27 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Stunfisk From Pokemon

Stunfisk is a dual-type Ground/Electric Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. In Galar, Stunfisk has a Ground/Steel-type regional form. Take a look below for 27 fascinating and interesting facts about Stunfisk.

1. Stunfisk is a flat, fish like Pokemon with a broad, mud brown body.

2. At the base of its yellow tail is a yellow marking shaped like an exclamation mark when seen from behind.

3. It has small, horizontal, oval-shaped eyes, white with a tiny black pupil and no irises.

4. Almost exactly between these two eyes lies the two thick gray lips that form its mouth.

5. It has two small, flimsy fins at the sides of its body; each with two lobes.

6. It has been seen to leap into the air and flap its fins as if they’re wings to remain airborne.

7. Stunfisk’s very tough skin keeps them unharmed if stepped on, even by sumo wrestlers.

8. To exploit this, it buries itself in mud of the seashore and waits for prey to pass by.

9. Whenever unsuspecting prey touch a Stunfisk’s body, it is zapped.

10. Stunfisk smiles when electrocuting its foes.

11. If it cannot paralyze its foe, it contorts itself with unexpected speed and flops away.

12. Galarian Stunfisk is grayish-brown, with three green markings similar to footprints on its body. It cannot generate electricity, but the high iron content of the mud it lives in has strengthened its fins, which have been adapted into an apparatus akin to a bear trap.

13. Galarian Stunfisk leaves its red and white mouth, which look similar to a Pokéball, visible to lure in prey, and then slams its fins shut on them so they cannot escape. It is the only known Pokémon capable of using the move Snap Trap.

14. Galarian Stunfisk’s Special Attack and Attack, and Special Defense and Defense are the reverse of a regular Stunfisk.

15. Stunfisk is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 471.

16. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as regular Stunfisk.

17. Stunfisk was designed by Mana Ibe. It was stated that Stunfisk’s creation stemmed from a desire to make the flattest Pokémon ever.

18. Due to its type, Stunfisk’s Limber Ability is redundant from Generation VI onward unless its type changes, such as via Camouflage, Reflect Type, or Soak.

19. While holding an Air Balloon, regular Stunfisk is the only dual-typed Pokémon that is immune to both of its types.

20. Stunfisk is the only non-legendary Ground-type Pokémon with no evolutionary relatives.

21. Galarian Stunfisk is also the only regional form with no evolutionary relatives.

22. Galarian Stunfisk is the only Steel-type to have a piscine body.

23. Stunfisk is the only Pokémon unable to evolve to be given a regional variant and no new evolution with it.

24. Stunfisk appears to be based on a flatfish, such as a flounder, combined with an electric ray. It may also be based on the stargazer, another fish that spends most of its time buried in the sea bottom and can make electric discharges when it’s disturbed. It also may be based on the goosefish.

25. Galarian Stunfisk may be based on a foothold trap. Its mouth resembles a Poké Ball, making it similar to the Voltorb and Foongus families.

26. Stunfisk may be a combination of stun and fisk (fish in most Northern European languages, from Old English fisk) or a combination of stun, fish, and disk (in reference to its flat shape).

27. Stunfisk debuted in Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!, when its friend Palpitoad viewed Ash and his friends as intruders and called upon Stunfisk’s help. It succeeded in driving them out of the lake, but it was fished out and caught by Cilan soon after Palpitoad was defeated.

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