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27 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Lapras From Pokemon

Lapras is a dual type Water and Ice Pokemon introduced in Generation I. While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon, it has a Gigantamax form. Take a look below for 27 awesome and fascinating facts about Lapras.

1. Lapras is a large sea Pokemon that resembles a plesiosaur.

2. It has a blue hide with darker blue spots and a cream-colored underside.

3. It has large brown eyes, a short horn on its forehead, and tightly curled ears.

4. It has a long neck and four flippers.

5. The foremost flippers are larger than the hind.

6. On its back is a heavy, gray shell covered in blunt knobs.

7. Lapras is a gentle, helpful Pokémon that enjoys ferrying people across bodies of water.

8. In the past, its docility made it an easy target for hunters, and it was driven to near-extinction.

9. Recent protection efforts have seen Lapras become overabundant instead, which is now affecting the fish Pokémon numbers in some areas.

10. An intelligent Pokémon, it is able to understand human speech.

11. Lapras have been known to travel in large pods across the seas, spanning both polar and tropical areas.

12. To keep in touch with other of its kind, it sings enchanting melodies.

13. In the anime, it was shown that Lapras is able to develop psychic abilities such as telepathy. 5,000 people can ride on the shell of Gigantamax Lapras for a very comfortable ride without any issues.

14. Lapras can use it giant ring to break any icebergs that may prevent it from swimming.

15. As Gigantamax Lapras, it becomes large and more armor in size.

16. The The gray shell changes to large resemble a ship-like shell with four grey and red stripes surrounding it, it now four spikes on top on shell with one steel resembling a funnel with three red cloud surrounding it.

17. The sclera in Lapras’ eyes changes to white, yellow, and blue.

18. A light blue ring created from ice particles being gathered is located between lower body and shell.

19. Gigantamax Lapras is the only known Pokémon capable of using the exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Resonance.

20. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Lapras was originally going to be called “Ness”, a reference to the Loch Ness Monster.

21. Lapras was depicted with teeth in its Generation I official artwork and in Pokémon Adventures.

22. Lapras has the highest base HP of all Ice-type Pokémon.

23. Lapras is one of two Pokémon to use telepathy to speak to humans in a regular episode of the anime. The other is Ralts.

24. Lapras is one of Veronica Taylor’s favorite Pokémon.

25. Lapras can learn the most one-hit knockout moves of any Pokémon (excluding Smeargle), being able to learn Sheer Cold, Fissure, and Horn Drill.

26. Lapras is based on the fabled Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. The creature and this Pokémon resemble an extinct order of marine reptiles known as Plesiosauria.

27. Lapras’s shell and horn may be inspired by placodonts. Its intelligence, singing, and rarity can be comparable to some cetaceans, especially blue whales and humpback whales. Its long neck and robust body may also be inspired by the mast heads and hulls of Viking ships.

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