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27 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Granbull From Pokemon

Granbull is a Fairy type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. Prior to Generation VI, it was a Normal type Pokemon. It evolves from Snubbull starting at level 23. Take a look below for 27 amazing and interesting facts about Granbull.

1. Granbull is a purple, bipedal, bulldog like Pokemon.

2. It has a prominent lower jaw with two long, fang-like growths.

3. Its upper jaw has two small fangs.

4. The jaws are so heavy that the Pokémon has trouble keeping its head up.

5. On the sides of its head are flat, curved ears, and its small nose is black.

6. There is a black collar around its neck with two small white markings on it.

7. Around its wrists are two black band markings, and it has a short tail.

8. Despite its fierce appearance, it is actually very timid.

9. Unless Granbull is startled, it will not bite indiscriminately.

10. If attacked, it will flail about to fend off its attacker.

11. Granbull wanders around urban areas.

12. Granbull and its pre-evolved form share their category with Clefairy and Clefable. They are all known as the Fairy Pokémon.

13. As the Ability Quick Feet did not exist until Generation IV, a Snubbull with either Intimidate or Run Away will always evolve into a Granbull with Intimidate in Generation III games. This means that in Generation III, Granbull is the only Pokémon with an Ability that evolves from a Pokémon with one of two possible Abilities that shares to Granbull’s Ability.

14. Granbull is the first Pokémon to evolve on-screen in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

15. Granbull has the highest Attack stat of all non-legendary Fairy-type Pokémon.

16. Granbull is based on a bulldog. Its category, Egg Group, and (as of Generation VI) type may reference the Cù-sìth, a mythological creature in Celtic mythology whose name literally translates to “dog fairy”. Granbull’s current typing and appearance also may reference goblins, orcs, or other mythical races of grotesque appearance.

17. Granbull and Granbulu may be a combination of grand and bulldog or bully (referencing its tendency to scare foes with its fangs or even bite them). It may also reference grumble (referring to its grumbling, growling tendency).

18. A female Snubbull ran away from its home and followed Team Rocket (and by extension, Ash and his friends) around the Johto region for a short while. She evolved into Granbull in The Trouble with Snubbull, marking the species’ main series debut in the process, and was then returned to her owner, Madame Muchmoney.

19. A Granbull appeared in Sleight of Sand!, under the ownership of Cassidy. It battled Jessie’s Seviper, during which it was taken out by Dawn’s Piplup and a wild Hippopotas.

20. A Granbull appeared in Dressed for Jess Success!, under the ownership of Mario. It was used against Dawn and Mamoswine during the Lilypad Contest, and it was soon defeated.

21. A Granbull appeared in The Young Flame Strikes Back!, under the ownership of an Officer Jenny from Akala Island. It stopped Viren and his henchmen from escaping after Officer Jenny arrived to arrest them for attempting to destroy the Paniola Ranch.

22. Granbull debuted in the opening sequence of Spell of the Unown: Entei, under the ownership of Lisa. It was used in her battle against Ash, only for it to be defeated by Totodile.

23. Two Granbull appeared in Ring Masters as some of the Pokémon competing in Rikishii Town’s Sumo Conference.

24. A Granbull appeared in Pikachu’s PikaBoo.

25. A Granbull appeared in Extreme Pokémon!, under the ownership of a participant in the Extreme Pokémon Race.

26. A Coordinator’s Granbull appeared in Harley Rides Again.

27. A Trainer’s Granbull appeared in Glory Blaze! as a participant in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition.

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