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26 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Hitmonchan From Pokemon

Hitmonchan is a Fighting type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Tyrogue starting at level 20 when Tyrogue’s Defense is higher than its Attack. It is one of Tyrogue’s final forms, the others being Hitmonlee and Hitmontop. Take a look below for 26 fun and fascinating facts about Hitmonchan.

1. Hitmonchan is a tan, humanoid Pokemon that is exclusively male with no female counterpart.

2. There are five blunt protrusions on top of its head, and it has structures resembling pads over its shoulders.

3. It appears to be wearing a light purple tunic and kilt, as well as red boxing gloves and light purple boxing shoes.

4. In-between the tunic and kilt is a small, black area.

5. As this appearance suggests, Hitmonchan specializes in punching.

6. It is able to throw punches too quick to be seen with the naked eye.

7. By punching with a corkscrew motion, it is even capable of drilling through concrete. However, Hitmonchan requires a break every three minutes while fighting.

8. Despite the need for frequent breaks, it has an unwavering spirit and will never give up in a difficult situation.

9. In the past, it claimed Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave as signature moves. 

10. Usually found in urban areas, it is rarely seen in the wild.

11. Hitmonchan learns the most increased-priority moves by leveling up out of all Pokémon, with six.

12. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are the only Pokémon not previously related through an evolution family that later gained a shared pre-evolved form.

13. Hitmonchan’s Kanto and National Pokédex number, #107, refers to Little Mac, whose weight is 107 pounds (ca. 49 kg).

14. Despite the requirement for its evolution being a higher Defense than Attack, Hitmonchan’s Attack stat is much higher than its Defense stat.

15. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee received the biggest increase to their Special stat in Generation II, gaining 75 points of Special Defense.

16. Based on its Japanese name and boxer aspects, Hitmonchan may represent the boxer Hiroyuki Ebihara.

17. The colors of Hitmonchan’s gloves in its normal and Shiny colorations might be a reference to the red corner and blue corner in boxing.

18. Its Gold, HeartGold, Generation V, and X Pokédex entries mention that it needs a short break after fighting for three minutes, which is a reference to the duration of rounds in boxing.

19. Hitmonchan is a combination of hit, monster, and Chan (a reference to Jackie Chan). The name is also related to Tyrogue’s other evolutions, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop.

20. Hitmonchan debuted in The Punchy Pokémon, under the ownership of a Trainer named Anthony. He was entered in the P1 Grand Prix, but ended up losing to a Hitmonlee stolen by Team Rocket because the match was sabotaged.

21. A Hitmonchan appeared in The Lost Lapras, under the ownership of a Trainer who ordered him to attack a Lapras. When Ash and Pikachu came to Lapras’s defense, Hitmonchan battled Pikachu, only for he and his Trainer to flee after Tracey appeared, sketched them, and began comparing them in terms of how they were trained. According to Tracey, Hitmonchan lacked exercise.

22. A Hitmonchan appeared in Stage Fight!, under the ownership of Roger. He was a major performer in a Pokémon show about a boxing match between him and a glove-wearing Machoke.

23. A Hitmonchan appeared in Chikorita’s Big Upset as a member of a group of wild Fighting-type Pokémon that roamed the streets of a city as a gang. He befriended Chikorita after she defeated its leader, a Primeape, and became the new gang leader.

24. A Hitmonchan appeared in A Tyrogue Full of Trouble, under the ownership of Kiyo. He fought alongside him to break a rolling boulder. Kiyo later used Hitmonchan in battle during an attempt to catch a wild Tyrogue.

25. A Hitmonchan appeared in Gotta Catch Ya Later!, under the ownership of one of the Invincible Pokémon Brothers. He battled against Misty’s Politoed but was defeated. He reappeared in Cerulean Blues, where he was used in a battle against Misty’s Staryu, which he lost on a technicality.

26. A Hitmonchan appeared in Pasta La Vista, under the ownership of Kyle Hamm. It was used in battle to decide the fate of his father’s fighting dojo.

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