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26 Fascinating And Bizarre Facts About Nightwing

Nightwing, also known as Dick Grayson, was the first Robin in the Batman family. He worked beside Batman for many years after his carnival parent’s died. One day, feeling unwanted, he left Batman’s side to prove to himself that he wasn’t a waste of space; becoming Nightwing. Take a look below for 26 more fascinating and bizarre facts about Nightwing.

1. Once Dick Grayson became Batman, he was considered stronger, faster, more agile and smarter than Bruce Wayne at the time.

2. He took the name “Nightwing” from a legendary Kryptonian hero, who was actually a non-powered Superman fighting crime in the bottle city of Kandor.

3. Out of everyone in the Batman family, the Joker hates Nightwing the most.

4. Dick Grayson didn’t stop smiling for a whole day when he showed Bruce a perfect trapeze move and Bruce said, “you could teach me a few things.”

5. Dick Grayson, as Batman, has been able to squat out of an Orca’s bite. This mammals bite is estimated at 19,000 PSI.

6. As Batman, Dick Grayson was able to hold his breath for 7 minutes deep underwater, having boosted his oxygen levels in advance thanks to his intense training from Bruce Wayne.

7. Batman has stated that Nightwing is his rock, his foundation, and that without him, he would be lost in the world.

8. Nightwing was once able to sneak up on the Justice League, in their headquarters.

9. The Star Sapphires have attempted to recruit Dick Grayson many times, to the point where they have a permanent opening reserved for him. The Green Lantern Corps. have also attempted to recruit Grayson to replace Guy Gardner many times. However, neither of them have been successful.

10. Nightwing once defeated Deathstroke by taking advantage of the two-way connection between him and Damian by using a taser on Damian, resulting in an electric shock overwhelming Deathstroke’s enhanced senses.

11. While he may share methods and motivation with Batman, Grayson knows what being Batman can do. He doesn’t want to become as dark, controlling and as lonely as Bruce.

12. Nightwing once trained an enthusiastic young man named Nite-Wing who was determined to make a difference, but his brutal methods soon led him to unknowingly murder an undercover FBI agent. Nightwing defeated him and sent him to jail shortly afterwards.

13. In the Injustice storyline, Dick Grayson was accidentally killed by Damien Wayne. After an argument between them, Damien threw a baton at his head which caused Greyson to fall and break his neck on a rock. Later, Damien took on the mantle of Nightwing in honor of Dick Grayson.

14. Due to his training with Batman, Nightwing has an extreme skill in escapology. He was able to escape a maze before the Flash could and was able to use a Tibetan Mind Technique to escape virtual reality.

15. Dick Grayson still practices his family acrobatic routines, usually in secret though as he has told Bruce it helps him, “stay in touch with them.”

16. On Earth 5029, Dick Grayson actually became Deathstroke for unknown reasons.

17. The Crime Syndicate once captured Nightwing and revealed his identity to all the DC Villains and the whole world.

18. From Action Comics #642, it was revealed that Kel-el and Dick Grayson were originally going to take Abin Sur’s spot on the Green Lantern Corp., but Sur wanted a native of Earth and Dick was busy with his Robin duties. Therefore, Hal Jordan was picked.

19. In the New 52, it was revealed that Tony Zucco, the man who murdered Dick Grayson’s parents, was still alive after being presumably dead for years. This prompted Dick to move to Chicago to investigate. Dick soon learned that Tony had changed his name to Billy Lester and started a family of his own.

20. Nightwing’s suit is insulated against extreme temperatures, electric shocks and projects against projectile weapons.

21. Dick Grayson isn’t religious, but his parents were. This is why he keeps a Roman Catholic Bible with him.

22. His last appearance as Robin, in Pre-New 52 comics, was in New Teen Titans #39.

23. He’s well versed in handling firearms. He received most of his education on the subject from Batman and Spyral.

24. His first memory is of his mother placing him on a trapeze bar and pushing him out into space with his father waiting to catch him. He’s had the same joyful feeling every time he’s flown.

25. Nightwing once decided to join the Bludhaven Police Department in an attempt to get rid of the corruption of the city from within.

26. Nightwing and Starfire actually have a daughter together named Nightstar. Nightstar can fly, absorb and project energy and even has enhanced strength.