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26 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Zangoose From Pokemon

Zangoose is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon. It is well known for its ongoing feud against Seviper. Take a look below for 26 amazing and interesting facts about Zangoose.

1. Zangoose is a bipedal Pokemon resembling a cross between a mongoose an cat.

2. Despite being classified as a bipedal Pokémon, it usually walks on all fours.

3. Its fur is mostly white with deep red, scar-like markings on the face, chest, and forepaws. 

4. It has two long, black claws on its forepaws, and pink paw pads on its hind feet.

5. It has pink eyes, long ears, and a small red nose.

6. When it opens its mouth, two sharp fangs can be seen on its upper jaw.

7. There are small tufts of white fur on its shoulders, and it has a large, fluffy tail.

8. Zangoose is bitter enemies with Seviper, which it has battled for many generations.

9. Its claws are its best weapons and can be used for its former signature move, Crush Claw.

10. It lives in grasslands and savannas.

11. Zangoose and its rival Seviper share several characteristics, such as being in the Field Egg Group, residing in the same Friend Area, and being the only two Pokémon with a base stat total of 458.

12. Zangoose and Seviper also have the exact opposite Experience group, with Zangoose being in the Erratic group and Seviper being in the Fluctuating group.

13. Zangoose is based on the mongoose, a cat-like carnivore that is well known for its ability to hunt and kill venomous snakes. It also bears a physical resemblance to the Turkish Angora and Persian cat breeds. The rivalry Zangoose shares with Seviper is based on the relationship both cats and mongooses have towards snakes.

14. Zangoose is a combination of san (cut down) and mongoose. It may also derive from zankon (scar) due to the markings on its body.

15. Zangoose debuted in ZigZag Zangoose, under the ownership of Nicholai. It battled Ash and his Treecko, but suddenly, Zangoose noticed Jessie’s Seviper and started to battle it instead. Ash, his friends, and even Team Rocket did not know what was going on, but it was Zangoose and Seviper’s natural rivalry that got the two fighting. They were suddenly knocked into a river and Seviper then used Poison Tail, knocking Zangoose unconscious. Brock nursed Zangoose back to health with herbal medicine and left it to rest. Later, Seviper reappeared and engaged it in battle again. After a long and fierce battle, Zangoose finally knocked out the Fang Snake Pokémon with a Crush Claw.

16. A Zangoose appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness, where it was a member of Team Razor Wind, along with Scyther and Sandslash. The trio of clawed Pokémon were first seen being blasted out of the Wigglytuff Guild. Team Razor Wind overheard that Team Poképals were assigned with the task of traveling to the Labyrinth Cave to get a Gabite Scale for an ailing Shinx, and decided to attempt beating Team Poképals. Unfortunately for Team Razor Wind, Gabite beat them up. It reappeared alongside its team in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky – Beyond Time & Darkness.

17. Multiple Zangoose appeared in Glory Blaze!. It was discovered that Paul found Chimchar while it was being attacked by them. Due to the amazing power Chimchar used while fighting the Zangoose, Paul decided to catch it. Also in this episode, Chimchar faced off against a Black Belt’s Zangoose and nearly lost to it during the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition.

18. Multiple Zangoose appeared in Tears For Fears!, where they confronted Team Rocket and fought Jessie’s Seviper. Later, Chimchar found the courage to defeat them.

19. A powerful Zangoose appeared in Beating the Bustle and Hustle!, under the ownership of Crimson. During the battle against Ash and Officer Jenny, Zangoose was able to defeat Buizel but fell to Pikachu‘s Iron Tail.

20. A Zangoose appeared in Saving Braviary!, under the ownership of Weiss. Weiss sent it out after he and Schwarz caught N getting away with an injured Braviary. It was then used to battle Ash and his friends, and was eventually defeated in a battle by Ash’s Pikachu with help from the same Braviary. Additional Team Plasma Grunts used several Zangoose in Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!, during Team Plasma’s assault on the White Ruins.

21. A Coordinator’s Zangoose appeared in a flashback in Delcatty Got Your Tongue. It was defeated by Dr. Abby’s Skitty during the Grand Festival.

22. A Zangoose appeared in A Double Dilemma as a resident of North Petalburg.

23. A Trainer’s Zangoose appeared in Destiny Deoxys.

24. A Zangoose appeared in the opening sequence of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

25. A Coordinator’s Zangoose appeared in Thinning the Hoard! and Channeling the Battle Zone!.

26. A Zangoose appeared in a flashback in Pace – The Final Frontier!.

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