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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Luxray From Pokemon

Luxray is an Electric type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Luxio starting at level 30. It is the final form of Shinx. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Luxray.

1. Luxray is a quadrupedal Pokemon resembling a fully grown lion.

2. While its face, hind legs, torso, and the back of its front legs are blue, much of its body is covered with shaggy, black fur.

3. The fur is longer around the shoulders and the base of the tail, and forms a mane on its head. 

4. The mane is larger on the male than on the female.

5. It has yellow eyes with red sclerae, a blunt muzzle, and rounded ears with yellow insides. 

6. There are three yellow, half rings on the back of each foreleg.

7. Its long, thin tail is tipped with a yellow four-pointed star.

8. Luxray has powerful eyesight that is capable of seeing through most objects and walls, like x-ray vision. 

9. It uses this ability for hunting and keeping track of its offspring.

10. Luxray is the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 523.

11. Luxray appears to be based on a lynx, which possess great eyesight, some myths even depicting them as being able to see through solid objects, a trait Luxray has. Its appearance however, resembles more that of an adult male lion. It may have also been inspired by the mythical sphinx, as its short face, human-like ears, and lion-like appearance are similar. In addition, it may have been inspired by the constellation Leo, due to Luxray’s lion-like appearance and the fact that it and its pre-evolved forms bear a signature star shape on the end of their tail. Furthermore, its Japanese name suggests at least some minor influence from tigers.

12. Its ability to see through solid objects is similar to a modern radiograph or “x-ray machine”, explaining the basis for Luxray’s name and Electric typing.

13. Luxray may be a combination of lux (Latin for light), x-ray (referring to its x-ray vision), and lynx.

14. Clemont’s Luxio evolved into a Luxray in The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! while in the process of saving his Trainer.

15. Luxray made its main series debut in Luxray Vision!, under the ownership of Marble. Having recently evolved from Luxio, it was unable to use Electric-type moves and had a serious attitude problem for most of the episode.

16. Three Luxray appeared in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, under the ownership of Damos. In the original timeline set up by the movie, they were used by Damos, who was under Hypnosis, to attack Arceus with Shock Wave. When Ash and his friends traveled to the past to prevent this, Marcus, the one responsible for hypnotizing Damos, managed to use the Luxray again to attack Arceus.

17. A Luxray debuted in The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!, under the ownership of Volkner. It was first used in a Gym battle against Ash. It went up against Ash’s Grotle before the match was called off when the lights went out. Luxray reappeared in The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!, where it was used during Ash’s rematch against Volkner. It battled and defeated Pikachu before losing to Infernape‘s Blaze-fueled Flame Wheel.

18. A Luxray appeared in I Choose You!, during a flashback, as a Pokémon that Sorrel‎‎ befriended. It died trying to protect Sorrel from the cold.

19. Luxray debuted in Alice’s flashback in The Rise of Darkrai. In the flashback, Alicia saw Luxray fire a Hyper Beam upon Darkrai, but Darkrai retaliated with a Dark Void, trapping Luxray in a nightmare. However, Alice played Oración, allowing it and the other affected Pokémon to sleep peacefully.

20. A Luxray appeared in One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!, under the ownership of the Pokémon Summer Academy. It was used by one of the students in the first leg of the Pokémon Triathlon.

21. A Luxray appeared in a flashback in Playing The Leveling Field!.

22. A Trainer’s Luxray appeared in Beating the Bustle and Hustle!, where it was seen participating in the fake Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle that Team Rocket had set up.

23. A Luxray made a cameo appearance in An Old Family Blend!, under the ownership of Jeffrey.

24. A Luxray appeared in the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions, under the ownership of a Pokémon Baccer World Cup participant.

25. A Luxray appeared in a fantasy in Clemont’s Got a Secret!.

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