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25 Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Dragapult From Pokemon

Dragapult is a dual-type Dragon/Ghost pseudo-legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Drakloak starting at level 60. It is the final form of Dreepy. Take a look below for 25 fascinating and amazing facts about Dragapult.

1. Dragapult’s appearance is reminiscent of both ancient lepospondyls such as Diplocaulus and modern stealth bombers.

2. It has a triangular, wing-shaped head, a relatively short body, and a long, laterally flattened tail similar to a newt’s.

3. The dorsal side of Dragapult’s flattened head and the anterior half of its body are a dark navy color which fades to a teal on its posterior end and tail. 

4. The lateral, wing-like crests of its head are pink.

5. The ventral portion of its head and body are a light yellow-tan color, and its belly is marked with three pink chevrons angled toward its head.

6. It has four hollow, triangular horns and narrow yellow eyes.

7. Its limbs are relatively short and thin, and are clawed.

8. The claws on its forelimbs are pink.

9. Dragapult’s tail becomes transparent and ethereal toward its tip.

10. Dragapult and its evolutionary family are the ghosts of prehistoric aquatic Pokémon.

11. Dragapult carries a pair of Dreepy inside its horns, which it will fire at its opponents like supersonic missiles during battle.

12. It’s said that the Dreepy it carries greatly enjoy being sent flying toward opponents at immense speeds.

13. Much of Dragapult’s behavior beyond this, however, remains a mystery.

14. Dragapult is the only known Pokémon capable of using the move Dragon Darts.

15. Dragapult has the lowest base Special Defense stat of all pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

16. Dragapult has the highest base Speed stat of all Ghost-type Pokémon.

17. Dragapult has the highest base Speed stat of all pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

18. Dragapult and its evolutionary line are the only Pokémon that are in the Dragon and Amorphous Egg Groups.

19. Dragapult is the tallest and lightest pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

20. Dragapult is the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that cannot learn Earthquake.

21. If Dragapult Dynamaxes, it will temporarily disappear before reaching its largest size.

22. In the Pokémon of the Year poll held by the Pokémon Company in 2020, Dragapult was voted the most popular Generation VIII Pokémon, receiving 57,973 votes. It was also the eleventh-most popular Pokémon overall.

23. Dragapult may be based on the Diplocaulus, an extinct amphibian with a similarly-shaped skull. A complete tail has never been found in a Diplocaulus fossil, which may explain Dragapult’s ghostly, translucent tail. Its head also resembles a B-2 Spirit, a stealth bomber aircraft. Its propensity for holding and firing Dreepy may be a reference to crossbows, while its stomach pattern and aircraft origins are likely nods to aircraft catapults, which is seemingly reflected in its name.

24. It may also be a reference to the paternal care behavior present in many amphibian species. The Dragon typing may be a reference to the Olm, a type of salamander native to central and southeastern Europe that was believed to be a dragon offspring by locals. However, its posture and body stature are closer to crocodilians supporting themselves with their hind legs and tails while underwater, and are also known to hold their young on their heads.

25. Dragapult and Dorapult may be a combination of dragon and catapult.

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