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25 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Lickilicky From Pokemon

Lickilicky is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Lickitung when leveled up while knowing Rollout. Take a look below for 25 awesome and interesting facts about Lickilicky.

1. Lickilicky is a dark pink, rotund Pokemon with a small tail and a long tongue.

2. It has a yellow line pattern on its belly and a white bib-like pattern, making it almost resemble a round baby boy.

3. It also has what appears to be a curled appendage on its head.

4. It has a big appetite.

5. It can lick anything or anyone close by for any leftover crumbs.

6. Its saliva contains a numbing solvent and can decompose anything, and it wraps its long tongue around things, like its prey, to coat them with its sticky saliva.

7. It has space in its throat to store saliva, and it can also roll up its tongue and store it there.

8. Lickilicky lives in forests with a large body of water.

9. It uses its tongue with more skill than it would its hands and feet, and a current record of its stretch length reaches 82 feet.

10. Lickilicky would have been obtainable in both Generation II and Generation III if it had existed, as in both there was a possible way to get a Lickitung that had Rollout. It shares this trait with Mamoswine.

11. Despite having a clearly visible tail, Lickilicky belongs to a group of Pokémon which lack tails.

12. Lickilicky’s Japanese name is romanized as Beroberuto in The Rise of Darkrai.

13. Similar to its pre-evolved form, Lickilicky may be based on lizards like iguanas and chameleons due to its long tongue and somewhat reptilian appearance. On the other hand, Lickilicky’s bulbous body makes it resemble a round baby. Moreover, considering the white bib-like pattern on its torso as well as its voracious appetite, Lickilicky may be based on an exaggerated concept of a bloated gourmand, perhaps dressed in macaroni-style or dandy-style fashion.

14. As with Lickitung, Lickilicky may also be based on the Akaname, a mythical yōkai with a single claw on each foot and a gigantic tongue.

15. Lickilicky is a repetition of lick in the slang form, licky.

16. Lickilicky debuted in The Rise of Darkrai, under the ownership of Baron Alberto. It was his main battling Pokémon, but it was incapacitated for a portion of the movie due to Darkrai’s Dark Void. During that time, Alberto briefly turned into a Lickilicky, earning him the temporary pun moniker “Baron Lickilicky”.

17. Lickilicky made its main series debut in If the Scarf Fits, Wear It!, where it evolved from a Lickitung that was left in the Day Care.

18. Conway has a Lickilicky that was used in Working on a Right Move! during his battle with Ash. It almost defeated Gible after confusing it with Lick. However, Ash switched Gible out for Noctowl, which then defeated Lickilicky with Extrasensory.

19. A Lickilicky appeared in Classroom Training!, under the ownership of the Snowpoint Trainers’ School.

20. A Coordinator’s Lickilicky appeared in Playing the Performance Encore!, where it was used in the Battle Stage of the Daybreak Contest along with a Weavile.

21. A Coordinator’s Lickilicky appeared in Last Call — First Round!, where it was used alongside a Rattata in a Double Performance during the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

22. A Lickilicky briefly appeared in An Old Family Blend!, under the ownership of a Trainer competing in the Lily of the Valley Conference.

23. Lickilicky, as well as the Lickilicky form of Baron Alberto, appear in the manga adaptation of The Rise of Darkrai.

24. Hiori used a Lickilicky to open one of Rocco’s puzzle doors in Challenge From A Rival.

25. After a wild Lickitung stole Diamond’s map (among others belonging to passerby citizens), Diamond fought it with his Shieldon, but he evolved into Lickilicky and became even more difficult to catch. In Licking Lickitung, by utilizing the Dowsing Machine and Pedometer apps on his Pokétch, he captured him and named him Kit. He was then helpful for rescuing one of Professor Rowan’s assistants when his lab was attacked by Mars’ swarm of Yanmega.

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