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25 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Kakuna From Pokemon

Kakuna is a dual type Bug and Poison Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Weedle starting at level 7 and evolves into Beedrill starting at level 10. Take a look below for 25 awesome and interesting facts about Kakuna.

1. Kakuna is a yellow, cocoon-like Pokemon.

2. Kakuna has a dome-shaped head and black, triangular eyes.

3. It has two scythe-like arms in the middle of its body.

4. When it comes close to evolving, its body gives off heat that makes it warm to the touch.

5. Kakuna remains virtually immobile and waits for evolution often hanging from tree branches by long strands of silk.

6. When attacked, however, it can extend its poison barbs.

7. Kakuna nests in temperate forests and misty wooded areas.

8. Occasionally, it will also nest at the mouths of tunnels and caves, as seen in Pokémon Snap.

9. Kakuna shares its category name with Metapod, Silcoon, and Cascoon. They are all known as the Cocoon Pokémon.

10. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, “Kokoon” was the prototype English name for Kakuna. This is the same as its romanized Japanese name.

11. The “arms” on Kakuna seen in its Red and Blue sprite are commonly mistaken to be a sprite error, as they are rarely shown in any other media.

12. They have so far only been shown on its Red and Blue sprite and a Pocket Monsters Bandai card.

13. Kakuna has the lowest base Attack of all Poison-type Pokémon.

14. Kakuna’s design appears to be based on the pupa stage of a bee (more specifically, the common honeybee pupa) or wasp.

15. Kakuna’s characteristic of dangling from a thread, as seen in the anime and some spin-off games, may be based on hanging parasitoid wasp cocoons.

16. Kakuna is a corruption of cocoon.

17. Multiple Kakuna debuted when Ash was in Viridian Forest in Challenge of the Samurai. When his Metapod was captured by Beedrill, it was kept near a hive of Kakuna. The Kakuna then evolved into Beedrill in defense of their hive.

18. A Kakuna appeared in A Chansey Operation.

19. Multiple Kakuna appeared in Showdown at the Po-ké Corral.

20. A Kakuna appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Theme Park.

21. A Kakuna appeared in Illusion Confusion! as one of the illusions created by a group of Haunter and Gengar.

22. Multiple Kakuna appeared in Mewtwo Returns, where they were hanging near Purity River.

23. Multiple Kakuna appeared in Gettin’ The Bugs Out, where they were residents of Azalea Gym. They assisted in tying Team Rocket up with silk.

24. Kakuna debuted in a cameo in Bulbasaur, Come Home! as one of the Pokémon that escapes from Professor Oak’s Laboratory.

25. In Murkrow Row, a Kakuna appeared as one of the Pokémon in Gold’s house, also known as the House of Pokémon.

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