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24 Fun And Awesome Facts About Golisopod From Pokemon

Golisopod is a dual-type Bug/Water Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Wimpod starting at level 30. Take a look below for 24 fun and awesome facts about Golisopod.

1. Golisopod is a large, arthropod Pokemon with a hunched, humanoid posture.

2. It has a pale purple body covered with silver armor plating.

3. It has relatively small head with bright purple antennae that converge with its mandibles to form a mask around its eyes.

4. The eyes themselves are black and angular with light gray pupils.

5. Behind its head and curving down its back are several armor plates, each with a long protrusion curving up from each side.

6. There is a small, greenish triangle marking on the center of each plate.

7. Most of its lower body is exposed, but there is additional armor resembling a loincloth around its waist and smooth pieces encasing its thighs and feet.

8. Its feet each have a single black claw.

9. Golisopod has three pairs of arms.

10. The two foremost pairs are thinner, encased in silver exoskeleton, and each is tipped with a single, black claw.

11. The hindmost pair of arms is longer and have much larger forearms.

12. These large forearms both have three overlapping, armored plates on the back and two black claws.

13. The plate closest to its claws is plain, while the last two each have two greenish, triangular markings.

14. Golisopod has a shell as tough as diamond and retractable claws that can cleave seawater in two.

15. While it is skillful in battle, it often meditates peacefully deep in seaside caves.

16. It is sometimes accompanied by Wimpod.

17. Golisopod will do anything to win a fight.

18. When it sees an opening to take advantage of, Golisopod will use the small claws on its front legs to finish off its opponent.

19. Grapploct is natural predator or prey of Golispod depending on who wins the fight.

20. Golisopod was the only known Pokémon capable of learning the move First Impression until Generation VIII.

21. Golisopod may be based on the giant isopod and the armor of a samurai.

22. Golisopod may be a combination of Goliath and isopod.

23. Golisopod debuted in The Dealer of Destruction!, under the ownership of Guzma. It battled Ash’s Pikachu, but due to its Emergency Exit Ability, it returned to its Poké Ball before a winner could be decided. Golisopod later served as Guzma’s main Pokémon during the Manalo Conference.

24. Guzma’s Golisopod first appeared in The Announcement and the Prize. It was revealed to have evolved from a Wimpod.

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