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23 Interesting And Weird Facts About Barracuda

Barracuda is a fictional villain that appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He made his first appearance in The Punisher Vol. 7 #31. He was created by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov. Take a look below for 23 more interesting and weird facts about Barracuda.

1. In a panel at the 2008 Philadelphia Wizard World comic book convention, Garth Ennis stated that the basis for Barracuda was Stagger Lee, a folk song about a large terrifying man an the terrifying things he does to people.

2. Barracuda was born to an Africa-American father and a Mulatto mother of French and Irish descent in Boynton Beach, Florida.

3. His father served in the 827th Tank Destroyer Battalion during World War II.

4. Barracuda’s father was an abusive alcoholic who burned his hand on a grill while telling him to be hard as the motherfucking world itself the night before abandoning his family.

5. He cared for his brother and sister for a while, however, his brother ended up dying and his sister became a prostitute and a heavy drug user.

6. Barracuda once got into a fight in elementary school and he shoved his thumbs into his classmate’s eyes.

7. When he castrated a would-be attacker while in a youth detention center, Barracuda was recruited by the U.S. Army’s Green Beret program.

8. As a Green Beret, Barracuda’s A-team helped the CIA install Leopoldo Luna, a South American dictator in the 1980s.

9. Barracuda was responsible for drug-running in Nicaragua to fund the Contras and committed atrocities against the local villages to ensure no resistance.

10. According to his recollection, in another mission in Africa, Barracuda engaged in cannibalism to prove his masculinity.

11. When he left the military, Barracuda became a feared and extremely violent gangster.

12. When he was arrested at the site of a gangland massacre, the police found him snorting lines of cocaine off a severed head.

13. When he spent time in jail, Barracuda struck a profitable partnership with Harry Ebbing, a corrupt and violent corporate CEO.

14. He’s an expert at killing, assassination and terrorism. He’s an excellent unarmed combatants, is large in size and has near superhuman strength.

15. Barracuda has undergone full U.S. Army Special Forces training, and all of the courses that it includes.

16. He was trained in advanced forms of hand to hand combat, and how to incapacitate or kill his opponents as quickly as possible.

17. Barracuda was a trained infantryman and sniper, as well as an advanced marksman. Even with only one eye, he can still hit a target without issue.

18. He has been trained to not only survive, but thrive and fight in desert, arctic, mountain, tropical and urban environments.

19. As well as full HALO, HAHO, LAHO and LALO jump training, Barracuda has also been taught freefall, ecstatic, paragliding and heliborne insertion.

20. Barracuda was trained in medicine and field surgery, and has extensive knowledge of how to treat wounds.

21. Barracuda has demonstrated strength that is sufficient enough to snap steel chains and kick through the floor of a car. He has proven to be able to overpower the Punisher on many occasions.

22. He was taught the language and customs of several cultures, however, his specialties lie mostly with Latino and Arabic cultures.

23. He has been taught how to handle explosives in any environment, as well as under water.

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