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23 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Stantler From Pokemon

Stantler is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon. Take a look below for 23 fun and fascinating facts about Stantler.

1. Stantler is a quadruped, caribou like Pokemon.

2. It has a tan pelt with a cream-colored belly and a few spots on its back.

3. Its tail is large, short, and round, and each of its legs ends in a black hoof.

4. It has a large, brown nose and a pair of pale cream-colored antlers, each with a black orb in the center.

5. The shape of the antlers and the black orbs causes them to resemble eyes.

6. Stantler can distort reality and create illusions with its antlers by subtly changing the flow of air around them.

7. Staring into them creates an odd sensation, as if one is being sucked through them, and one may become so dizzy that it is impossible to stand.

8. Its strange antlers are very valuable artifacts to Pokémon hunters.

9. The species was nearly driven to extinction for its beautiful antlers.

10. Additionally, the round balls found on the fallen antlers can be ground into a powder that aids in sleeping.

11. Stantler live in herds in temperate, mountainous forests.

12. As shown in the anime, a baby Stantler that is separated from its herd and frightened will instinctively produce an illusion of a big, stampeding herd to scare away perceived threats.

13. Stantler is found on Route 36, which leads to Violet City, the game counterpart of Nara, Japan, a city where many tame deer roam freely.

14. Stantler could possibly be based on a number of deer species, such as the sika deer, reindeer, elk, or moose. It may also be based on shishiodoshi or “deer scare”, a Japanese device traditionally used to scare deer and birds away from gardens.

15. Stantler may be a combination of stag or stare and antler.

16. Multiple Stantler debuted in The Little Big Horn, where Brock helped a fawn reunite with its herd. A little while before that, the young Stantler created an illusion of a stampeding herd of Stantler in self-defense, but Brock managed to see through it, allowing him to befriend the Stantler.

17. Multiple Stantler appeared in Different Strokes for Different Blokes. Alongside his Turtwig, Ash got lost in a forest that contained many Stantler. Some of the Stantler used Hypnosis on the two, giving them various hallucinations. Paul caught one of the Stantler, but released it almost immediately after deciding that it wasn’t worthy of his team.

18. Multiple Stantler appeared in Stantler’s Little Helpers, under the ownership of Santa Claus. He uses them to pull his sleigh, thus officially replacing his Ponyta.

19. A Stantler appeared in Tricks of the Trade as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Swap Meet in Palmpona.

20. Two Stantler appeared in Freeze Frame.

21. Two wild Stantler appeared in The Legend of Thunder!.

22. Multiple Stantler appeared in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest.

23. A Stantler appeared in the banned episode EP250 as one of the Pokémon residing in a forest outside the Ice Path.

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