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23 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Servine From Pokemon

Servine is a Grass type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Snivy starting at level 17 and evolves into Serperior starting at level 36. Take a look below for 23 awesome and interesting facts about Servine.

1. Servine is a slim bipedal Pokemon that is primarily green with a cream underside, and narrow red eyes.

2. It has a yellow V-shaped structure that starts at the chest and extends behind the shoulders.

3. Servine has short limbs and a small crest protruding from the back of its head.

4. Three palmate leaves grow along its back and tail.

5. These leaves are capable of performing photosynthesis, but only while they are clean.

6. Servine will go to great lengths to stay dirt-free for this reason.

7. This swift Pokémon hides in thick foliage or shadows to avoid attacks before retaliating.

8. Servine was first seen on an animator’s reference sheet for the Best Wishes series, along with Dewott, Woobat, and Axew.

9. Servine’s English name, as well as Dewott’s, was officially confirmed through the anime in The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice!.

10. Servine may be based on a variety of green vine snake species with a pointed snout, including Oxybelis fulgidus, Ahaetulla nasuta, and Ahaetulla prasina.

11. Servine’s color scheme is similar to its species’ possible namesake, the grass snake.

12. The Pokémon’s combination of snake- and lizard-like features is also similar to that of the Florida sand skink, a serpentine lizard with small, stubby legs.

13. The shape of its head, body, and crest may be based on the bird of paradise or false bird of paradise flowers.

14. Ken Sugimori has said that Snivy, Servine, and Serperior are based on French royalty, specifically mentioning the anime The Rose of Versailles as inspiration.

15. Servine’s physical features resemble the acanthus leaf motifs popularized during the Renaissance.

16. Servine is a combination of serpent and vine. Servant or a form of the word serve may also be involved.

17. Trip’s Snivy was revealed to have evolved into a Servine in A Rival Battle for Club Champ!, where he was used in his battle against Ash. He reappeared in Ash and Trip’s Third Battle!. He evolved into a Serperior before Jostling for the Junior Cup!.

18. Servine, along with Dewott, debuted in The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice!, where it belonged to one of the Trainers at the Battle Club. It battled the powerful Dewott and lost easily.

19. A Trainer’s Servine made a cameo appearance in Climbing the Tower of Success!.

20. A Servine appeared in Let’s Master Pokémon Capturing!, under the ownership of Monta. It was revealed to have evolved from his Snivy.

21. Servine first appeared in Special Delivery. This Servine, formerly belonging to N, was sent over to White after Gigi decides to leave White. She eventually evolves into a Serperior.

22. Cheren’s Snivy was shown to have evolved into Servine in PS547.

23. A Servine appeared in The Green Scroll: Kenshin’s Adventure, under the ownership of Motonari.

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