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23 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Wormadam From Pokemon

Wormadam is a Bug type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from a female Burmy starting at level 20. It is one of Burmy’s final forms, the other being Mothim. It has one of three different secondary types: Steel, Grass or Ground, determined by its cloak. Its cloak is permanent and determined by the cloak that Burmy was in when it evolved. In its Plant Cloak, it is Bug and Grass type. In its Sandy Cloak, it is Bug and Ground type. In its Trash Cloak, it is Bug and Steel type. Take a look below for 23 awesome and fascinating facts about Wormadam.

1. Wormadam is a black, bagworm like Pokemon with a coat of leaves, sand or building insulation that has fused with its body.

2. It has oval eyes, a long pointed beak, and a long antenna with a coiled tip.

3. The beak is tipped with varying colors depending on the coat.

4. The coat forms a pair of arm-like structures near this Pokémon’s head.

5. The Plant Cloak form has several white flowers covering it, and gives Wormadam a green-tipped beak and large leaves for arms.

6. It will be dotted with reddish-brown rocks, and have chains of pebbles for arms and a brown tipped beak if it has the Sandy Cloak. 

7. When covered by the Trash Cloak, it has a pink tipped beak and long, dark pink ribbons for arms. 

8. Wormadam that evolve on cold days are said to form thicker cloaks. 

9. It is a female-only species, with Mothim as its male counterpart.

10. Wormadam and its pre-evolution share their category with Pineco and Forretress. They are all known as the Bagworm Pokémon.

11. Wormadam and Mothim are the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 424.

12. In Pokémon Black and White, Schoolkid Ann on Route 12 has a Sandy Cloak Wormadam that knows Leaf Storm, a move that Sandy Cloak Wormadam cannot learn by any means; it is instead learned by Plant Cloak Wormadam.

13. Prior to Generation VII, all Wormadam forms were classified by Pokédex color sorting as gray.

14. Wormadam is based on an adult female bagworm moth, which never develops wings.

15. Wormadam is a combination of bagworm and madam (indicating its exclusively female nature).

16. All three forms of Wormadam debuted in Some Enchanted Sweetening!, under the ownership of Cheryl. She sent them out to show Ash and his friends that she had not been successful in finding a male Burmy to evolve into a Mothim. She then had her Wormadam cheer for Burmy while he battled to gain experience.

17. A Sandy Cloak Wormadam appeared in Another One Gabites the Dust!, under the ownership of Ursula. She used her in the Performance Stage of the Chocovine Contest, allowing Ursula to move on to the Contest Battles.

18. Multiple Plant Cloak Wormadam appeared in The Rise of Darkrai.

19. A Plant Cloak Wormadam appeared in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!.

20. A Plant Cloak Wormadam briefly appeared in Bonnie for the Defense!.

21. All three forms of Wormadam appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel as residents of the Nebel Plateau.

22. Wormadam was first seen in a Sandy Cloak in Maddening Magby, under the ownership of one of the members of the Celestic Town brigade that Cynthia assembled.

23. In Softening Up Kakuna, a Trash Cloak Wormadam was used by a Youngster that was challenging the Battle Factory.

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