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23 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Lanturn From Pokemon

Lanturn is a dual type Water and Electric Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Chinchou starting at level 27. Take a look below for 23 awesome and fascinating facts about Lanturn.

1. Lanturn is a blue Pokemon that resembles an anglerfish.

2. It has big, red eyes with a yellow mask-like marking around them and small, light blue pectoral fins.

3. The lower half of its tailfin is yellow and has jagged edges.

4. On its back is a Y-shaped antenna with a spherical orb at each tip; this antenna is a modification of its dorsal fin.

5. Inside its orbs are bacteria that produce light by absorbing Lanturn’s bodily fluids.

6. It lures prey using the glow, then blinds them by using an intense flash before it swallows them whole.

7. The flash it creates is visible on the surface from a depth of over three miles (five kilometers). This has earned it the nickname “The Deep-Sea Star”.

8. Lanturn competes with Lumineon when catching its prey Starmie.

9. Lanturn inhabits the ocean.

10. Lanturn has the highest base HP of all Electric-type Pokémon.

11. Lanturn shares the same category with Ampharos. They are both known as the Light Pokémon.

12. Lanturn is based on an anglerfish, more specifically the footballfish, although it shares some similarities with dolphins. It is also possible that Lanturn’s origin contains a small piece of Apollo, the Greek god of light whose signature animal was the dolphin.

13. Lanturn is a corruption of lantern. It may also be a combination of lantern and turn (as in “turn on the light”).

14. Lanturn debuted in The Mystery is History, under the ownership of Oliver. He often uses it to swim on water. He also used it to play with a baby Lugia nicknamed Silver, which it befriended. It has since made further appearances in A Parent Trapped! and A Promise is a Promise.

15. A Lanturn appeared in Just Add Water, under the ownership of Dorian. Dorian used it to battle Ash and won after defeating his Totodile.

16. A Lanturn appeared in Lapras of Luxury, under the ownership of Naomi. Its Supersonic waves helped her locate singing voices of a group of Lapras.

17. A Lanturn appeared in Pruning a Passel of Pals!, under the ownership of Kyle. It and its Trainer were participating in the Wallace Cup, and it defeated Ash’s Buizel in a battle.

18. A Lanturn appeared in The Legend of Thunder!, where it was seen swimming in a lake.

19. Multiple Lanturn appeared in Enlighten Up! as residents of Lake Slowpoke.

20. A Lanturn appeared in Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, under the ownership of a competitor in the Tour de Alto Mare.

21. Multiple Lanturn appeared in Destiny Deoxys.

22. Multiple Lanturn appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. They were among the Pokémon present during the final showdown with The Phantom and his crew. They briefly reappeared in a montage in The Rise of Darkrai, which chronicled the preceding nine movies.

23. Multiple Lanturn appeared in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!.

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