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23 Amazing And Fascinating Facts About Skitty From Pokemon

Skitty is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Delcatty when exposed to a Moon Stone. Take a look below for 23 amazing and fascinating facts about Skitty.

1. Skitty is a pink, feline Pokemon with a stumpy body and four short legs.

2. On its face is a cream-colored, crescent-shaped marking.

3. It has slit-like eyes and tufted ears with purple interiors.

4. Its slender tail has a bulky pink section at the end, terminated by three pin-like structures with yellow ball-like tips.

5. In battle, its tail puffs out, and threatens opponents with a sharp growl.

6. It is fascinated by moving objects, and chases them.

7. It is known to chase its own tail and become dizzy from it.

8. Although it can be difficult to earn its trust, it is very popular due to its adorable looks and behavior. 

9. It can use the moves of other Pokémon through the use of Assist, its former signature move.

10. It lives in holes in trees in tropical and temperate forests.

11. Skitty’s inclusion in the Field Egg Group inspired the Hot Skitty on Wailord Action joke.

12. The Fluffy Tail item resembles Skitty’s tail.

13. Skitty is the only Generation III Pokémon that evolves via Moon Stone.

14. Skitty is based on a kitten with its tail resembling foxtail grass or a pin holder.

15. Skitty is a combination of skittish and kitty (slang for cat).

16. Skitty made its main series debut in I Feel Skitty!, where it was caught by May. It was particularly ditzy and mischievous, and it had a tendency of getting itself into trouble with other Pokémon.

17. Skitty debuted in Big Meowth, Little Dreams, where Meowth fell in love with one.

18. In Delcatty Got Your Tongue, May met a Top Coordinator named Dr. Abby, whose Skitty was shown in a flashback.

19. A Skitty appeared in PK21, where it joined Pikachu and his friends during their adventure in the Unown Dimension.

20. A Skitty appeared in a flashback in A Trip Down Memory Train!, where it was among the group of Pokémon that befriended Clemont’s Bunnelby when it was still a wild Pokémon.

21. Skitty made its English dub debut in the opening sequence of Jirachi: Wish Maker.

22. A Skitty appeared in The Ribbon Cup Caper at the S.S. St. Flower’s Pokémon Center.

23. A Coordinator’s Skitty appeared in The Saffron Con.

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