22 Awesome And Fun Facts About Mabel Chee

Mabel Chee became known as the sister of model Lily Chee. She’s a model herself and has established a social media presence as mabel.chee on both TikTok and Instagram. Take a look below for 22 awesome and fun facts about Mabel Chee.

1. She has modeled for Marc Jacobs, Gap and Bloomingdales.

2. She began regularly posting on Instagram at the start of 2015.

3. She’s accumulated over 200,000 Instagram followers.

4. She’s originally from Brooklyn, New York.

5. She has another sister called Nuala Chee.

6. Her sister, Lily, modeled for Maddie Ziegler’s new clothing line.

7. When Lily Chee became a successful model, she encouraged her sister to follow suit and that’s how Mabel landed an opportunity to model for a brand.

8. Mabel is known for her innocence and her ability to speak her heart out.

9. She tries to keep her videos as simple as possible without compromising on its entertainment value.

10. She posts a lot of pictures and videos taken during her holidays, which her fans love.

11. She often features her friends and sisters on Instagram.

12. She created her YouTube channel on July 7, 2017, but posted her first video a year later on January 8, 2018.

13. Her first video, which is titled as “Q & A ft. Mermaids & The Cutest Dog Ever,” has so far gathered more than 10,000 views.

14. Her younger sister, Nuala, is also a social media star with more than 20,000 followers on Instagram.

15. Chee loves traveling to different places and countries. She often uploads her pictures and videos on Instagram.

16. She is often accompanied by her sisters and her father in all of her foreign trips.

17. She loves to dance and often shows her dancing abilities through her Instagram and YouTube videos.

18. Her favorite subject is history. She finds the subject interesting because she likes to know about the past.

19. Her favorite television show is “H2O: Just Add Water.”

20. Mabel is half Chinese as her father is of Chinese origin.

21. Her favorite animal is a dog and, not surprisingly, she has a pet dog.

22. She also has Irish and Scottish ancestry through her mothers side.

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