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22 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Elgyem From Pokemon

Elgyem is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Beheeyem starting at level 42. Take a look below for 22 awesome and fascinating facts about Elgyem.

1. Elgyem is a light blue extraterrestrial Pokemon with an oblong head with depressions on either side.

2. It has black, symmetrical lines going down the front of its head.

3. On the front of its head are shiny, green button-like eyes.

4. Its hands have three finger-like digits: one red, one green, and one yellow.

5. It has short, stubby legs and a small tail.

6. Elgyem controls incredible psychic power, which it uses to squeeze its opponent’s brains, causing them headaches.

7. Its origin is said to be linked with a UFO crash site that appeared 50 years ago.

8. Overall, Elgyem has quite the welcoming and informative behavior.

9. It is willing to help in stressful and otherwise difficult situations.

10. However, Elgyem can become fully involved in something it feels to be important and protect that with its life.

11. Elgyem is based on greys, one of the more popular kinds of alien.

12. Its rocky physical appearance may be a reference to the stone circles of Europe, which were allegedly created by visiting extraterrestrials; or Japanese Dogū, statues which have often been confused for alien artifacts.

13. The colored dots on its hands resembles the colorful faces of the invaders in the 1953 War of the Worlds film; however, the aliens in the film had green, blue, and red dots while Elgyem has red, green, and yellow.

14. Judging from its Pokédex entry, Elgyem and its evolution may also be based on the Area 51 alien conspiracy theories or the Roswell incident.

15. Considering its species names, physical appearance, and powers, it may also be based on a brain.

16. Elgyem is a corruption of the abbreviation LGM, a common term used to refer to extraterrestrials.

17. Elgyem debuted in A UFO for Elgyem! as the friend of Professor Icarus. It tried to help others by giving them visions of impending danger to help prevent the accident from occurring, but this only caused suspicion and drew attention to Professor Icarus’s household.

18. It befriended Ash and his friends when they too came to investigate, and even saved Ash’s life after showing them a vision of him falling through a weak board on a bridge. It was later kidnapped by Team Rocket, but Ash, Iris, and Cilan came to its rescue and reunited it with Professor Icarus.

19. An Elgyem appeared in Climbing the Tower of Success!, under the ownership of Ricky. Ricky used Elgyem’s Psychic powers came in handy for the Wishing Bell Festival contest, but it was sometimes used to cheat. Its Trainer also likes to take credit for its Psychic powers.

20. Two Elgyem appeared in A Maractus Musical!. One was taking part in the Pokémon Performance Competition alongside a Bouffalant, while the other appeared in a flashback.

21. An Elgyem appeared in a fantasy in Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!.

22. In Big City Battles, an Elgyem was briefly seen under the ownership of one of Castelia City’s residents.

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